A much belated update. I've had significant PC issues thanks to a dodgy windows 10 upgrade. All sorted now but that doesn't excuse the lack of updates. Whilst theres been plenty of bass about I havent had much enthusiasm. I've been messing about on the local rivers and have absolutely loved it, I even managed a flukey second in a little open on the Thurne. I also have an eye on this upcoming weekend's Broads Open Champs on the Thurne and Bure, granted I'm pools fodder BUT even numpties like me are hard to beat if they draw on a few better ones. In it to win it and all that.

There have been more rays this year than I can ever remember, its usually only Paul Turrell's stalking of the river fish, but  this year has seen plenty off the Suffolk beaches and even a few in the wash and the east Norfolk beaches. The Suffolk rays are still showing. Kev Southey had a lovely early season mixed bag with rays to 7lb and codling to 5lb. It looks really promising. I was out last night with some mates, and theres still no real enthusiasm to go, but I'm sure that'll change when the conditions bring more of those 2-5lb fish in for a feed.

Anyway, long overdue update on the EDP reports, or rather there will be once I can get access to the reports via my email! I'll try not to leave it so long next time (good intent paves the road to hell), also I'll find the missing ones and update accordingly.........promise


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