Good week on the regions beaches, seems to be something worth a chuck at on m ost of the beaches. We've had bass and fl;ats in the north and east, codling, sole and rays in the south. Some good codling too for this early, they'll be a good size some of them if they hang around and feed through the autumn and winter. My new job will alolow me more time this winter and I'm looking forward to that.

I've been enjoing myself on the rivers and lakes this summer, I'm a member of a very pretty local estate lake that has some good fish in it, but iunlike those targetting the carp and tench, I'had so much fun with the rudd and bream. The rudd aren't huge, the biggest I've had is around 8oz, but there's loads of them and each one is scale and fin perfect. I spen some time on the river Bure at St Benets too, I got thoroughly hammered by Diggs and the lovely Tina so I put a call into Geno who put me right. I went back a few days later and had a good net of skimmers on the feeder thanks to the genius of Geno. I had a fantastic time, what I did notice though, that with the exception of another couple of middle aged men, there was nobody else fishing. I know the commercial fisheries are popular, you can turn up with a fivers worth of bait and catch some big fish, but in my opinion you can't beat catching wild fish out of running water, the kids are missing out if you ask me.



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