Ahoy there..

All ahead slow at the minute, we've had a bit of northerly air flow which has kiboshed any chance of hounds and mackerel. There have been a few school bass and some good flounders though we could've done without the wind when we got it. Summer holidays looming and hopefully some more sole, they were just getting going before the weather broke a bit, hopefully they'll be back in as things settle again.

I haven't been out (no surprise there) I have been enjoying the football though now England are out the way. Good old Louis Sewers, the boy's entertaining if nothing else, though banning him from domestic football seems a bit harsh to me (no I'm not pissed, and yes I hate Liverpool). There will be some sort of legal redress I think, preventing a person from earning a wage, deprivation of livelihood etc. Scousers know there way around the law (practice makes perfect) and I'm sure they'll find an angle to appeal. Either way I think we'll see him back terrorising defences at the start of the season, though hopefully it'll be Spanish defences haha!



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