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Like too often I start this blog with an apology. As much as I'd like the time to write a new piece every week, or heavens forbid, actually go fishing now and again, at the minute work will just not let me do that. I have the feeling though that things may be about to change, I think this could be a big year for the Aitch's and will probably see some pretty significant changes, at least I'm hoping it will. Anyway, now up to date archives to January 2014 and the current blog has the latest EDP reports, must be getting easier, even PK managed a 3lber at Corton, I think he fishes there under some pretense.......

A lovely colour in the sea today and a nice choclatey roll on it too, unfortunately above the gas site it was weedy due in no small part to the pretty constant southwesterly thats been blowing since forever. There must be a few feeding in it though, and the weed isn't usually as bad from Bacton down to Sea Palling, your unlucky if you get it flood and ebb anywhere along here but Trimingham and Mundesley have been thick with it.

I made some New Years resolutions, all of which are currently intact. I'm now 4 stone lighter than I was last June and doing a bit of exercise which is great, when I finally get to have a go I might try down the cliff, used to hate that climb when I was a lardy fat basket! Another was to do some more coarse fishing, I had a brief go down the Yare with Lucky and Geno, thoroughly enjoyed myself to the point I had to come away early and never stopped for a pint. Not due I might add to wearing "the wrong trousers" but due to the fact that if I'd stayed for the fishing, beat Lucky (was never going to beat Geno) and then enjoyed the social it would have cost me thousands in new kit!! We'll see what the spring and summer brings, but I feel a new dawn is about to break for EASA...



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