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Adventure Fishing - Henry Gilbey

Book Title: Adventure Fishing

Author: Henry Gilbey

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley LTD

ISBN: 0751336394

Not strictly a sea fishing only book but a good read for the wanna be traveling angler. Chapters start with Freshwater fishing varying between Largemouth Bass fishing in Florida to Catfishing on the River Ebro. Next section covers Shore angling from the Channel Islands using lures for Bass through to Surf casting for Sharks from Namibia. In the Final section "on the open sea" we see Mr Gilbey Fishing for Porbeagles off Cornwall finishing With Sharks & Tarpon in Florida. An interesting book with loads of cracking photos and information on tackle & techniques. Please bear in mind this is just a summary with plenty of other chapters I,ve not mentioned.
Happy reading.

Good stuff Shaun, great report.