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Sea Fishing Baits - Graeme Pullen

Book Title: Sea Fishing Baits

Author: Graeme Pullen

Publisher: The Oxford Illustrated Press

ISBN: 0-946609-74-8

This is an instruction book on how to acquire, store and present over twenty of the commonly-used natural baits. I won't list them here but there are five types of shellfish, around ten types of small fish species, plus lug, rag, prawns, shrimps and the squid-type animals. In addition there is some text on artificial's and bait additives.

The author writes with confidence and much clarity. However, I found a few things a bit strange; on the subject of prawns he doesn't show clearly how to mount them, and the crab chapter is a bit vague in places. The chapter on artificial's has become outdated since the book was published in 1988, but that is to be expected.

This is a reasonable all-round bait book which would benefit the beginner or those returning to sea fishing after a long absence. Also it might be useful to those needing to know about baits that are not the norm for East Anglia. Out of print but fairly easy to find for about five pounds on eBay and in the lists of secondhand booksellers.