Book Reviews

Fishing for Bass, Strategy and Confidence - Mike Thrussell

Book Title: Fishing For Bass - Strategy & Confidence

Author: Mike Thrussell

Publisher: Blandford Press

ISBN: 0-7137-2051-4

Published in 1989 this is a very well written book from a very experienced and respected angler.
As well as a chapter on the Bass itself, the other chapters cover such aspects as surf fishing, estuaries, boat fishing and spinners and plugs. There is also a chapter called strategy and confidence which covers things such as the weather, here some of the old weather sayings are explained as to how they came about, and how to 'read' the clouds as to what the weather has in store,and how you can get an idea of what the fishing will be like by the colour of the sea.
The book also has a chapters covering rigs/tackle and baits. The final chapter deals with conservation, which again I think is very well put across by Mike.

The book includes several black and white photographs and lots of diagrams to illustrate various subjects covered in the book such as 'reading' the sandbanks off the beach.
All in all a very good book for any sea angler, not just the Bass fanatic.

Top stuff Paul, keep them coming!