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Cod - Ian Gillespie

Book Title: COD


Publisher: OSPREY

ISBN: 0 85045 187 6

Published in 1974, this book, another from the Osprey Anglers series, is a very interesting read for any sea angler. Ian Gillespie was at the fore front of the 'light tackle' revolution that saw the change from 30-40lb lines to the now standard 15lb lines. Much of this was down to the 'Breakaway' lead that Ian helped develop. In the book he highlights the tackle and techniques used for various styles of shore fishing and boat / dingy fishing. The books first chapter deals with the Cod itself, covering distribution, feeding habits and general data and is an interesting chapter in which Ian mentions how the stocks must be 'managed' for the future, ( they weren't!!). Overall another good book from a good series by Osprey.

That's what I'm looking for! An excellent review from Paul Turrell. Please feel free to review this book again even if you do or don't agree with Paul's review. I'd like to see some books with multiple reviews, great stuff keep them coming boys.