Book Reviews

East Coast Rivers From the Air - Jack Coote


By Jack H Coote

ISBN 0-948788-41-0

Pub. By Barnacle Marine, Colchester.

Being new in these parts I’ve been gathering a collection of maps and guidebooks, to help find those elusive fishing spots and potential bait areas.  I came across this little beauty in a junk stall and I find it very useful.

It has 60 pages, with 21 pairs of aerial photos from the river Alde to the Swale in Kent.  Each pair consists of a full page colour photo plus a black & white version with captions showing places of interest for boat users. At the back are descriptive notes for each of the 21 venues.  The colour photos are very high quality and give me just the detail I need on creeks, shapes of sandbanks, shell grit areas and so on.

My copy is the ‘2nd Collection’, undated but seems to be just a few years old.  I dare say some of the features have changed, but to a ‘new boy’ like me this book can still save a lot of legwork.
Out of print but easily available secondhand for less than £5 through the Amazon website, plus post.