Book Reviews

The Wash to the Thames Estuary - Ian Gillespie

If you're fishing in East Anglia and you haven't read this book then you're missing a treat. It's easily laid out and travels southwards through our region landing at each known mark and giving details ofIan Gillespie what can be expected there and when. It's this little book that has set me off on many a fruitless trip!

From the thornback fishing in the east of the region, the bass and cod in the north and south to the flounders and eels, its a cracking little book that is well worth rooting out. I know Honourable is in the throws of bringing the book up to date and that will be well worth a read once he gets it done.

There are other books from the same 1960's Angling Times series, the good old days when there was something other than carAngling Times booksp fishing in the rag. They are now highly collectible, I don't have the full set but I'm working on it, I have these which I hope to put to use in the near future.

ISBN 510-21552-4 (-1 in hardback) copies often appear on Ebay and I'd suggest anybody serious about sea fishing in East Anglia get a copy, a must have.