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Mediterranean and North Atlantic seafood - Alan Davidson

Book Title: Mediterranean Seafood/North Atlantic Seafood

Author: Alan Davidson

Publisher: Prospect Books

ISBN: 1-903018-21-8/1-903018-22-6

Alan Davidson was a diplomat who liked to eat fish. A brief dossier he prepared for newcomers, describing Mediterranean fish, and how to cook and eat them, grew into these two books. The simple format is to take the family of the fish (and other marine creatures) and describe the species, which ones are edible and how to cook them.

Having covered the Mediterranean species in detail (and it's amazing how many of them turn up around our coast - increasingly so with global warming) he moved on to the North Atlantic with the same skill, enthusiasm and depth of research.

The books will also teach you to speak fish abroad as they list all the "local" names of the species. A good read and very educational...

I love food, you can tell by my waistline. I particularly love seafood. Thanks again for another cracking write up Steve, I'll be looking these out for sure. Try the veloute of mussels from Galton Blackiston on the recipe page, awesome taste and so simple even I can cook it.