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Long range casting and fishing techniques - Paul Kerry.

I couldn't do a book review page without mentioning my old mate could I? Now I realise some of the pessimistic among you will be thinking a good review for a mate, the truth is this book Castingdeserves a good review. Some of the tackle is dated now, it was written in the 80's and an awful lot has happened since then, but the techniques are those of a successful angler now. The ability to cast is overrated by some, usually those that can't, a long caster knows he can always fish short. A brilliant insight into fishing at distance, how the techniques developed and how to do it.

Interesting to read on the development of the rods we use today andPaul Kerry cod the Leg End's hand in that. Also the halfwit that doesn't understand strong lateral tides and sets up 10 yards uptide of me at Pakefield needs to be fed a copy of this book, a how to do it in terms even I can understand! All you need to know about fishing our beaches at distance, get a copy if you can, another must have. Available as an audio book for Digger and the Maid!

ISBN 0-947674-03-9