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Sea Fishing - Clive Gammon

Book Title: Sea Fishing

Author: Clive Gammon

Publisher: Collins

I've been meaning to send a review of this little book ever since Ian started this excellent forum.

I have a first edition of this super little book, which I bought at the age of 17 and have treasured ever since. Although written in the mid-1960s I believe that the majority of its content is still relevant today. The information is of a general nature, but written by a very accomplished angler for anglers and written in a style that makes such technical explanations as are given very easy to follow.

The account of a boat trip off Achill is a great read and there are useful sections on wind & tide as well as much useful information on common species as well as locations around the British coast. Along with Ian Gillespie's book on the East Anglian coast, I have found this little pocket volume to be an invaluable bookshelf companion for more than 40 years.

Nice one John, keep them coming.