Book Reviews

Sea Fishing - Clive Gammon

Book Title: Sea Fishing

Author: Arthur Sharp

Publisher: Foulsham Press

I've added this review for a bit of fun more than suggesting the book has any real educational merit today. I have two copies of this book, a hardback, revised edition dated 1960 and a 'War Economy Standard' volume from the 1940s.

The book is worth a read if only to note how dramatically times have moved on, but there are useful reminders of methods that are largely forgotten, but which, if tried today, might yet produce a surprise or two.

The book does give some useful information to the collector of vintage tackle and acknowledges the contribution of Messrs Allcock & Sons in providing illustrations and tackle information. Very much a product of its time, written in good English and a style that is clearly dated, but will help those who have a wish to further their knowledge of the development of our sport through the middle years of the twentieth century.

Nice one John, keep them coming.