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The Penguin Guide to Sea Fishing in Britain and Ireland - Ted Lamb

Book Title: The Penguin Guide to Sea Fishing in Britain and Ireland

Author: Ted Lamb

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd.

ISBN: 0-7139-1577-3

Although published in 1983 I'm always interested in venue guide books, to see if there are any "nuggets"  on marks or the whereabouts of certain baits. This is because books and magazines of that era could be quite liberal with such information.  "The Sea Angler's Guide to Britain and Ireland"  - started by Ian Gillespie and completed by John Darling  is a fine example of such a book.

From the title this looked like a similar type of book from the 1980s. It was the author's third book, he had been a journalist on the Angling Times, and in 1972 he actually founded "Sea Angler"  magazine, and edited it in it's first year.  A fine pedigree indeed.

However, looking at the book I find it a great disappointment, even by 1983 standards.  It covers 13 areas of coast, each area in a venue-by-venue format.  The depth and quality of information is abysmal, with subjective waffle such as "offers tremendous potential" , "can be excellent" , "can produce"  and so on. The last third of the book is full of tiresome lists and maps, the maps repeating much of what was said in the text.

The acknowledgements point to help given by many others, including Bob Page of the NFSA and some Tourist Boards. I think that says it all.

Out of print, but appears occasionally on library shelves and for a few pounds in the lists of secondhand booksellers. Don't bother.


Nice one Geoff, keep 'em coming. It does make a change to have a negative review but gives integrity to the book corner.