Book Reviews

The Sea Angler’s Step-by-Step Guide to Bait and Rigs

By Sea Angler Magazine

Publisher: EMAP Active Ltd.

ISBN:  0-9533087-07

Hardback in large format, 96 pages.  First published in 1998, and reprinted many times since.  Tackle sections are by Neil Mackellow and the bait section is by Alan Yates.

A very practical guide to making rigs for shore and boat fishing, plus chapters on the leader knot, bait digging and how to bait up.  Most of the main rigs are covered here, and the photos and diagrams are very clear and helpful.

I did find a few things a bit strange:  there is no out-and-out cod distance rig, which I feel is essential for a sea angling rig book.  Also there isn’t any mention of lead lifts, and I felt that a chapter on storing rigs should have been included.
Still, you can’t have everything, and all-in-all the 96 pages contain a wealth of instruction and many tips throughout the text.  I wish it was around when I started to make rigs.

Available for around £10 plus post from Amazon and Waterstones online.  Also try your local library.

P.S.  There’s a mistake on the back cover.  I’ll leave you to find it…