Book Reviews

Tope - How to Catch Them - Bruce McMillen.

A super little book and part of the famous "How to Catch Them" series. I enjoyed the whole book and it's full of interesting hints and tips. The contact details are likely to be out of date as the book was published the best part of 50 years ago. It's also sad to read on the one hand the authors obvious respect for a great sporting foe, then also read "a sharp blow over the head with a heavy priest" etc. I'd hope nowadays these, rarer than they were then, sporting greats would be given some respite and valued for their sporting ability than as trophy's.

If you think about it, books like this one and similar speak volumes about the state of the sea then and now. Relatively fewer anglers fishing then with tackle we would think of as antique. We have more free time now coupled with the means to travel around our small country, wouldn't you think that the modern angler with his near 200 yard casting ability and the wealth of detailed information at his fingertips, that there'd be more of these great fish caught?