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Uptide and Boatcasting - Bob Cox.

Uptide and Boatcasting

By Bob Cox

ISBN  0-7136-5519-4
Published by A&C Black
Hardback glossy boards, pub. In 1985

The author was one of the Bradwell-based pioneers of uptiding and boatcasting techniques in the 1970s. For such a well-used and successful way of fishing I find it incredible this is the only book on it.

It starts with a bit of a charming history on how it was developed, followed by when & where to use it, how to do it, safety, tackle and bait, and some chapters specifically on smoothound, rays, bass, tope, flatfish, and cod.

Although the book refers a lot to the outer Thames Estuary and Bradwell, it does emphasise that the method has been successful in the Solent, Morecambe Bay, Wales and even in Australia.
I don’t have experience of using the method in Suffolk and Norfolk waters, but I can vouch for it in Essex waters where I have used it a lot, and in some parts of the Bristol Channel.  As you would expect, the tackle has largely been superseded, but having said that, the book is still technically sound. The diagrams showing the boat and fishing line angles for various situations are first class.

If you use this book as a basis for learning the method it will only get you so far – experience on a charter boat with a knowledgeable and helpful skipper is vital to get the most out of the method.

Published in 1985 in glossy hardback. Out of print, but not too hard to find in coastal secondhand bookshops for £5 or less. Or try placing a free ‘Wanted’ ad in the angling press.

Thanks Geoff, another first class review.