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Bass fishing on shore and sea - John Darling

Digger loaned me this one. It's a good read by somebody who has obviously spent an unhealthy amount of time with his mates studying his prey. Some very interesting bits on bass migration and a mention of global warming in its infancy. Well worth a read despite being dominated by southern english, welsh and west of Ireland beaches, a lot of what is passed on by John applies just the same to our patch. A nice to have rather than a must have, if your library has a copy try and borrow it.

ISBN 1-85223-878-X

Another review of the same book by Geoff:

Bass Fishing on Shore and Sea

by John Darling

First published in 1996 in hardback with dust wrapper.  160 pages with colour and black & white photos.  Subjects covered are biology and physical characteristics of the fish, fishing on shore, rocks and boat, lures, and conservation.  A comprehensive book based on the author’s considerable experience.  Some photos don’t add anything to the content of the book but this aspect is more than compensated for by clear text and much solid advice.  A good mix of the author’s personal experiences and wider ranging issues such as conservation and safety. Since the reprint was published in 2007 there has been no shortage of this book, new or secondhand.