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Sea Bass, Biology, Exploitation and Conservation - Graham Pickett and Mike Pawson

Sea Bass, Biology, Exploitation and Conservation

by Graham Pickett and mike Pawson

Published in hardback in 1994, 337 pages. The author’s were leading scientists at the MAFF (now CEFAS) laboratories at Lowestoft, and this book is a compilation of the results of their research and that of others, into many aspects of the bass.  It covers biology, distribution, behaviour and ecology of the bass, with particular reference to its conservation needs, along with aspects of exploitation, aquaculture, fishery stocks and their value, impact of commercial fishing, and conservation measures and their management. Part of a series of scientific books by publishers Chapman & Hall, this book does not end up in the secondhand market and is an expensive purchase for an angler at over £100. However, for bass anglers that want to know all of the aspects of the fish, and/or want to know more about bass conservation, it is a comprehensive source of reference.

Thanks Geoff, I know some that wouldn't get past the title!