Book Reviews



Bass fishing book reviews.

Foreword by Geoff Gonella

May 2008

They say that the next best thing to angling is reading about it, and most of the time I would agree.  I’ve been collecting angling books for around 15 years and I’ve noticed that the European sea bass is covered in:

  1. Books covering many species, with a section on bass  
  2. books exclusively on bass and how to fish for it
  3. scientific books, research papers and reports on the life of the bass and sustainability of bass stocks

My main interest is the 2nd category, and so far I’ve found 12 published in the UK. I also like ‘Sea Bass, Biology, Exploitation and Conservation’ which, although being a scientific book, can be a useful source of reference on bass behaviour, movement etc..  Here are my reviews, in no particular order:


osprey bass
spinning for bass
weymouth bass
darling bass
catch more bass
thrussel bass
bass with bill and bob
go fishing for bass
hooked on bass
how to catch bass
life with bass
sea bass biology etc
Ed Mitchell Fly Rodding Estuaries
Book Title: Lure Fishing - A New Approach to Spinning
Bob Moss Dingle
Bob Moss third breaker