E.A.S.A Smoothound Match 2008

Thursday July 3rd

Fish 18:00 to 22:30, high water 19:30. Registration at The Ingleside Hotel from 17:00.

Walk off between Trimingham slipway in the north and Mundesley beach cafe to the south.

Measure and return to NFSA size limits. In the event no smoothounds are caught, it'll be converted weights from all round fish caught within the NFSA size limits printed on the back of the match card. Registration at the Ingleside Hotel from 17:00, and prize giving afterwards. £5 all in, 100% payout. Two rods, two hooks (pennel counts as 1 hook) and no bait restrictions.

The idea of the match is to fish as you would a pleasure session with the added incentive of a few quid on the result, a beer and the craic. Hopefully there'll be a bit of support and it can become a regular fixture in the match calendar.