One Hook Clipped Down



1. Components

rig body and hooklength

2. Rig body and hook length

clipped ready to knot

3. Clipped up ready to join the hook length to the rig body

3 turn water knot

4. The 3 turn water knot before pulling up. The hook is still clipped to the lead.

Pulled up water knot

5. The pulled up water knot, neat isn't it.

one hook bomber rig

6. The finished rig ready for a bait stop and the wallet.



An ever present in nigh on every rig wallet. A great distance fishing rig, I'm not sure who to credit for it but credit they certainly deserve. Components in this version are:

  1. 50lb Daiwa Tournament rig body
  2. 25lb black amnesia hook length
  3. 3/0 Kamasan B940
  4. Gemini lead clips
  5. Breakaway impact lead

This rig is one that I use when targeting larger fish and it casts like a dream as there's next to no iron mongery cutting down your yardage. I've claimed some top sea angler scalps with this rig, it fishes well in a good tide and is one of my stock rigs for smoothounds, rays (longer hook length), bass and codling.

  1. Tie the lead clip and leader clip (if you use a clip on the end of your shock leader tie a swivel on) to the rig body. I use a swivel on the end of my shock leader as it passes through the eyes better when tackling down.
  2. Tie the hook to the amnesia, I rarely use this rig with a longer hook length than 18" as there's too much give in the hook length longer than this and you'll find the hook will unclip during the cast.
  4. Clip the impact lead onto the rig body and place the hook onto the built in bait clip. Run the hook length together with the rig body keeping both under tension.
  5. Join the rig body and hook length with a 3 or 4 turn water knot. I used to use a 4 turn water knot, PK improved the knot by just taking 3 turns and it pulls up much neater with 3 turns. Hopefully the pictures illustrate it better than my words.

It really is a killer rig, rarely if ever tangles and, like I said earlier, casts like a dream. The only problem you'll have is it unclipping if you haven't pre stretched the hook length enough. Make sure you pull all the stretch out of it, but don't tie it too tight to the clip either. Sounds a bit technical but it's simple in reality. I don't bother with a bead or a sequin I just use a mono or powergum bait stop and leave the tag longish to hold the bait.

Small fish like whiting and pouts can cause the hook length to twist as there's no swivel attached, but the beauty of amnesia is that it just pulls out under tension.

You can of course fasten the hook length to the rig body with a trapped swivel and crimps or stop knots and even add an SRT spring if you like. I've only ever broken a hook once on the cast, and only then because the hook length was too short. Anything from 12" to 18" and you should be fine unless you're an international lead flinger or a total animal!

I base all my distance rigs around the Breakaway impact lead, in my humble opinion it's the finest lead on the market. Your bait gets tucked up nice and tight behind the lead and they fly straight and true with virtually no wobble at all. I do find though that if you're using a large fish bait or big bulky baits on a wishbone rig that you're probably better off using the Breakaway impact shield, just has more clip for your hook/s. I know Geno uses the impact shields a lot though he uses more bait on a wishbone than I use in a season!