One up one down


two hook flapper components

1. Components, I'll put the bait stops on the hook lengths later.

dropper swivels

2. Hooks tied and silicone tube pushed over the dropper swivel barrels.


3.Standard clip and the "clip up" clip taken on my scratched bench!

hook clipped up

4. The top end of the rig and the hook on the "clip up" clip.



This is basically a clipped version of the two hook flapper, but can carry larger hooks and larger baits than you'd normally see on a flapper if you want. I tend to keep the hook sizes small as I rarely fish for larger species with multiple hook rigs (other than a pennel of course), so I'll tie this one with the 32602's I use for snatching.

  1. 50lb Daiwa Tournament rig body
  2. 25lb black amnesia hook length
  3. Size 1 Mustad 32602R's
  4. Gemini standard clip and a "clip up" clip
  5. Aero beads (and crimps if they're your thing, I use stop knots)
  6. Dropper swivels
  7. Silicon tube

This rig fishes well and is great for carrying small hooks and baits a long way. A great all round rig or a match scratcher

  1. Tie the lead clip to the rig body.
  2. Tie the hooks to equal lengths of amnesia. Place a 1" long piece of rig tubing on each hook length and finish with a dropper swivel on each hook length. Twist the rig tubing onto the dropper swivel so it covers at least half of the barrel of the swivel, pic 2.
  4. Slide a crimp (if you use them) and an aero bead onto the rig body, followed by the first hook length dropper. Another aero bead, crimp another crimp and aero bead, the second hook length dropper, the last aero bead and the final crimp.
  5. Tie the "clip up" clip with all your components on the rig body in the right order as in pic 4.
  6. I try to space the hooks so they won't come into contact with each other, but as close as possible without the chance of a tangle. This should ensure the scent benefits of fishing with two baits relatively close to each other.
  7. Finally clip the bottom hook to the bait clip on the impact lead and set your crimps/stop knots. With the weight on the line, clip the top hook up onto the "clip up" clip and set your crimps/stop knots for the top hook. Job jobbed.

You can spank this rig and you could fish it with those clip up/down booms that Gemini make. I've never used clipped booms and would be interested to hear from anybody that has, mail me if you've anything to add.