pennel bits

1. Components

pennel standing off

2. The hook length standing off the rig body

finished pennel

3. The finished pennel



For me at least, probably the most useful rig in my wallet. Great for round fish and larger flatfish and rays. A super rig for launching big baits with plenty of hook in them a long way.

  1. 50lb Daiwa Tournament rig body
  2. 25lb black amnesia hook length
  3. 3/0 Kamasan B940 for the main hook
  4. 2/0 Varivas big mouth pennel hook
  5. Gemini lead clips
  6. Breakaway impact lead

I'm aware that these rigs are looking like an advert for Amnesia, Kamasan and Gemini among others. They're not supposed to be, they're just bits of kit that I find consistently good and am confident with. I know other hook patterns like Sakuma are very highly rated and I sometimes use Yo-Zuri fluorocarbon line, but for everyday use I find the bits above plenty good enough for me. I think we all get a bit like that with tackle, sort of comfortable with what we know.

You can use the trapped swivel or water knot to attach the hook length to the rig body. I tend to use the trapped swivel to attach the hook length. My thinking being that as I'm fishing for bigger fish with the pennel if I'm lucky enough to catch a decent fish, maybe a ray or a dogfish, it allows me to change the hook length if the previous one gets damaged. I carry a few hook lengths ready tied and keep them on a cardboard winder.

  1. Tie the lead clip to the rig body. I use a swivel on the end of my shock leader as it passes through the eyes of the rod better when tackling down.
  2. Tie the hook to the amnesia, hook length to suit the target. If I was fishing for rays I'd go for a longer hook length than I would for codling. I think a good general rule is go as short as you can.
  4. Slide an aero bead, dropper swivel and the other aero bead onto the rig body and tie the top clip or swivel if you use a clip on your leader.
  5. Tie stop knots to the rig body above and below the aero beads.
  6. Clip the impact lead onto the rig body and place the hook onto the built in bait clip. Run the hook length together with the rig body keeping both under tension, slide the bottom stop knot into position so it holds the hook on the clip.
  7. Unclip the hook and slide the top stop knot down to trap the swivel between the beads, this will make the hook stand away from the rig body a bit.