Two Hook Flapper


two hook flapper components

1. Components

dropper swivels

2. Hooks tied and silicone tube pushed over the dropper swivel barrels.

trapped swivel

3. One of the droppers trapped between aero beads and stop knots.

two hook flapper

4. The completed rig minus bait stops.



I don't know anybody that hasn't got a selection of flappers in their wallet. An all round utility rig, which doesn't lend itself to distance casting but for close work will present bait nicely, especially for smaller species like flatfish, eels and whiting.

  1. 50lb Daiwa Tournament rig body
  2. 25lb black amnesia hook length
  3. Size 2 Mustad 32602R's
  4. Gemini lead clips
  5. Aero beads (and crimps if they're your thing, I use stop knots)
  6. Dropper swivels
  7. Silicon tube

Another rig that doesn't get out of my rig wallet too often, not because I don't like it, it's tried and tested and murders fish. It's because the vast majority of my fishing, even the scratching, is done at long range. Flapping rigs fish around 20 yards shorter than clipped rigs for me and what I tend to do when I want to drop one shorter is just not clip the hooks down. Obviously you can clip this rig for extra distance, either one up one down or on cascade swivels, still a killer flapping and a firm favourite for flattie bashing.

  1. Tie the lead clip to the rig body.
  2. Tie the hooks to equal lengths of amnesia. Place a 1" long piece of rig tubing on each hook length and finish with a dropper swivel on each hook length. Twist the rig tubing onto the dropper swivel so it covers at least half of the barrel of the swivel, pic 2.
  4. Slide a crimp (if you use them) and an aero bead onto the rig body, followed by the first hook length dropper. Another aero bead, crimp another crimp and aero bead, the second hook length dropper, the last aero bead and the final crimp.
  5. Tie the leader clip (or swivel if you prefer) with all your components on the rig body in the right order as in pic 4.
  6. I try to space the hooks so they won't come into contact with each other, but as close as possible without the chance of a tangle. This should ensure the scent benefits of fishing with two baits relatively close to each other.

You could use french booms, either metal or "bristles", the sole fishing rig is a metal boomed version of the flapper only with hooks sized for sole. Use whatever you feel confident with and don't forget the idea of this rig is to provide first class bait presentation by sacrificing distance, so don't spank it!