Up and Over rig


Up and over bits

1. Components

Twisted rig body

2. "Twisty" rig body.

Straight rig body

3. And after "flossing" it across my knees.

Clipped up

4. Clip up detail, don't forget to clip it to your leader before hanging the line on it!

Finished up and over

5. The finished up and over rig.



In essence this is just the pennel rig on a bloody long hook length. I use this rig for ray fishing, it casts well and allows you to fish a bait away from your lead and nailed down on the sea bed.

  1. 50lb Daiwa Tournament rig body
  2. 25lb Yo-Zuri fluorocarbon.
  3. 3/0 Kamasan B940 for the main hook
  4. 2/0 Varivas big mouth pennel hook
  5. aero beads and rig tube
  6. Gemini clips (clip up and regular clip)
  7. Breakaway impact lead

Like I've stated, this rig is just a long pennel. Dealing with the long hook length while keeping the bait tight behind the lead is achieved using a "clip up" clip. Basically the hooks sit on the lead's bait clip, the hook length runs up the rig body, hangs on the "clip up" clip and back down the rig body to its trapped swivel. Easy peasy.

  1. Tie the lead clip to the rig body. I use a swivel on the end of my shock leader as it passes through the eyes of the rod better when tackling down.
  2. Tie the hook to the hook length, I'm using Yo-Zuri this time. Length to suit the target, this rig is for rays ad I'm using around a 3' long hook length. A short length of silicone tubing and tie off the dropper swivel pushing the tube over the swivel barrel.
  3. PRE-STRETCH THE HOOKLENGTH THOROUGHLY, this is more important the longer the hook length is.
  4. Slide an aero bead, the dropper swivel and the other aero bead onto the rig body and tie the "clip up" clip to the top.
  5. Tie stop knots to the rig body above and below the aero beads, bearing in mind the hook length will be fastened to the rig body nearer the lead this time.
  6. Clip the impact lead onto the rig body and place the hook onto the built in bait clip. Run the hook length up the rig body, over the "clip up" clip. With the hooks on the bait clip and the hook length over the clip up clip, set the stop knots or crimps
  7. Unclip the hook and slide the top stop knot down to trap the swivel between the beads, this will make the hook stand away from the rig body a bit.

Simple I know but very effective, this rig will get some serious use over the next few weeks. We have trips planned for the Kent coast and a Jolly Boys trip to the Isle of Wight booked and paid for at the end of April, I'll be using this rig to "out ray" my mates.