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East Anglia Sea Fishing Knots

Smudge calls them tangles with names, I suppose that's what they are really. Knots are usually either a series of twists trapping line like a blood knot or hitches, where a loop is held by something like a Palomar, or a combination of both.

In all honesty I only ever use a maximum of 3 or 4 knots and normally only 2 or 3. I asked my mates, they only use 2 or 3 too. Leads me to believe that as you learn your fishing trade, you find the knots you can tie comfortably, you learn to tie them well and you use them in most of your fishing situations.

If you want more check out the link to Grogs knots at the bottom of the page, it's the only knot site you'll ever need though a simple google will find any that Grog doesn't have. There are a plethora of books written on the subject and it's good fun trying to tie Bimini twists and other weird and wonderful works of art, but the truth is you only need to know less than a handful and they're all relatively simple.

  • Blood knots - Hooks and most eyed components, tucked, half and full.
  • Grinner - A form of blood knot trapping twists of line, great for swivels and the knot I use for attaching my leader.
  • Water knot - Snoods to rig body, a good knot for joining unequal diameters.
  • Stop knot - A great "crimp", also heavily used for bait stops.
  • Grog's site, more knots than you can shake a stick at!