EDP report 26/01/11

I find I’m repeating myself more than a manic parrot! High pressure is in charge and it seems more of the same is the norm with most beaches in the region yielding a few whiting and flatfish. There have been a few codling in good conditions on the rough ground at Weybourne but these are the exception rather than the rule. The shingle has been pretty consistent for flatfish all through the winter and if there’s little in the conditions to encourage you elsewhere it can probably be relied on for a few bites at least.

East Norfolk has been slow with only occasional flatfish and pin whiting showing. Two guys fishing Mundesley did manage a couple of school bass though they were of the size that seem to hang about all winter rather than them be a herald of the spring. No reports of school bass from the Yarmouth area but more and slightly better quality whiting with the flats, the wreck at Gorleston is also likely to have a codling or two hanging around. The feature of rough ground and wrecks seems to hold true dow to Lowestoft also. The remains of the old sea walls from Corton to Ness Point providing a tackle hungry area but a fish holding one nonetheless, a few codling to 2lb have shown along here.

The deep south of the patch doesn’t offer much in the way of inspiration either though I’ve been told the dabs are a decent quality from Dunwich, Minsmere and Southwold. Flats and whiting the order of the day from Aldeburgh and Orford. There’s some hope in the forecast with easterly winds going northerly though with high pressure in charge I still think good fish will be at a premium, a rolling sea in east Norfolk should give you chances of school bass whilst hoping for a codling.

EDP report 19/01/11

Without wishing to get monotonous it’s been more of the same from the regions beaches! A coloured flat sea has been the prevailing conditions for north and east Norfolk. Mostly dabs showing on the north Norfolk shingle though Tony Thomas did manage a solitary sizeable whiting in Holt SAC’s latest match at Salthouse. Tony ran out winner again with 32 fish carded for a converted weight of 4lb 1oz. John Neave had 26 fish for 3lb 5oz and second spot with Pete Morse in third with 32 fish for 2lb 14oz. Most anglers caught with 151 fish recorded of which 61 were sizeable, the mild air flow and coloured sea encouraging the flatties to have a feed.

Similar story from Cromer down to Yarmouth with pin whiting and dabs making up catches. A few lucky rods have managed to snare the occasional codling from Trimingham, though it’s reasonable to expect some flatties to show during the long wait for a codling. A few more whiting amongst the dabs around Yarmouth, with the beaches towards Lowestoft giving the best chances of a codling. Lowestoft north beach has produced a few codling amongst the tackle hungry old sea defences from Corton down to Ness Point. I haven’t heard much from Pakefield though Kessingland has produced a few whiting and dabs and I dare say Pakefield offers similar chances.

South of Lowestoft and the dabs are still showing at Dunwich, Minsmere, Aldeburgh and Orford. Southwold has produced a few also and there’s always a chance of a codling off the pier. Boat reports seem to have dried up, the odd boats going out are struggling to find decent fish with any consistency, weather and tide windows not always conducive to finding them feeding when the boats can get out. There have been some nice fish within casting range off the Yorkshire coast and I think there’s hope for a spring run in our patch, let’s just hope there’s some sizeable fish amongst the codlets.

EDP report 12/01/11

There seems to have been a slight upturn in sport on the regions beaches though the cod are still conspicuous by their absence, there seem to be a few nice dabs about and the obligatory whiting and the first real showing of small codlets around the 4oz mark, a good sign for future winter sport as long as they are allowed to mature.

Round 4 of the SAMF North Norfolk teams of five was fished at Kelling over the weekend. M Watts won the match with 20 fish for a couple of ounces shy of 4lb, Sheringham ace Tony Thomas maintained his consistent form with a second place carding 16 fish for 3lb 3oz,  Henry Randell claiming 3rd spot with 18 fish for 2lb 14oz and helping his team, Holt Blues, take the team honours on the day. Second team was North Norfolk Lads with Lincolnshire raiders, Skeggie Boys in third. With the SAMF finals at the end of November aside, the shingle has been quite consistent for a few flatfish at least. East Norfolk hasn’t seen too many rods on the beaches though there were unconfirmed reports of one or two codling from Trimingham, not surprising really, Trimingham is one of those venues that seem least affected by the conditions and they are as likely to show up there when it’s flat as they are with a roll on the sea. Dabs and small whiting have been reported from Mundesley and Bacton, with south-westerly winds bringing warmer air and milder conditions this week, it’s hard to know which areas might produce though I think it’s a fair bet there’ll be some weed from Cromer down to Yarmouth.

Whiting and dabs have been reported from the wall at Gorleston and the wreck with similar catches at Hopton. Unconfirmed reports of some small codling at Corton and Lowestoft north with Kessingland producing a few dabs. Jamie Bale got amongst the codlets as well as some whiting and dabs at Benacre sluice and dabs again have showed at Dunwich, Southwold, Aldeburgh and Orford. With a changeable week ahead weather-wise and little in the way of consistent form on many beaches, it’s difficult to make any predictions this week, though with the wind off your back the shingle will be as comfortable as anywhere. The deep south might get a bit of a stir up if there isn’t too much west in the wind and there might just be one or two show in a  coloured sea.

EDP report 05/01/11

January and February are traditionally tough times on the regions beaches with usually little reported aside a few flatfish and whiting. It doesn’t look like the start of 2011 is going to buck that trend judging by recent match results.

Holt SAC held their annual New Year open on the shingle at Kelling last Sunday, a gusty northwesterly making conditions far from ideal for the 28 competitors. Dick Able claimed top spot on the day with three flatfish for 1lb 12oz, Chris Burgess snared three flatties also for 1lb 7oz and another three flats gave Tony Thomas third spot with 1lb 2oz. There wasn’t a round fish caught and more than one blank, a story largely repeated round the coast at Walcott for the annual Fur and Feather. It was a Happy New Year for Brian Heritage, winning the match with a solitary rockling and not another fish carded from the 28 taking part there. After fishing hard myself for four hours without a sniff, I asked Brian about his match winning tactics, he explained he didn’t start until an hour into the match and packed up a half hour after that as it got weedy, I wonder if he’ll pick my lotto numbers?

Round to Yarmouth and Lowestoft it’s a similar story with only occasional flats and whiting reported in catches. There do seem to be a few more flatties being caught around Dunwich and Sizewell and there have been several from the pier at Southwold. Aldeburgh and Orford too offer little beyond the odd flat and whiting. With an unsettled outlook and plenty of west in the forecast, I would think the shingle might be your best bet for a bite, generally though it looks like it’s going to be a tough week or two for anything but flatfish.

Walcott fur n feather 02/01/11

Not much to say about this one, superb breakfast as usual at Frenchie's. Geno, fritz and the Colonel got their breakies down them early and raced up to the Poachers, there plan was to fish over the bank. I fancied the Ostend end more as there was a little bit of sand on the beach, truth is it didn't make any difference where you fished. Bri "Yourang" Heritage didn't fancy it either, he fished behind the Poachers too, apparently he didn't cast until 11, a full hour after the all in, then he only fished until half past as it was weedy and he really didn't fancy it. It was in that half hour that he managed a rockling that happened to be the only fish caught among the 28 taking part, genius. So for half hours work he went home over a ton better off without having to do anything really, incredible.

Oi Yourang, pick 6 different numbers between 1 and 49....