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Here you'll find filed by month and year, all my earlier postings. Useful if you want to see what was going on or just for filling in time you'd otherwise be wasting.

December 2015

Ting City...Still

November 2015

Ting City

October 2015

Plenty about

September 2015

They're coming and going!

August 2015

Cracking sport still

July 2015

Crap weather good sport

June 2015

Flaming June

May 2015

Super spring splodging

April 2015

Warming up nicely

March 2015

South is best

February 2015

Tough times

January 2015

A few more and a 20lb Aldeburgh beast

December 2014

A few codling

November 2014

Even more whiting

October 2014

More Whiting

September 2014


August 2014

Consistent sport right through a lovely long summer

July 2014

Consistent sport right through a lovely long summer

June 2014

Wind cocked it up a bit.

May 2014

Hounds, bass, soles and rays!

April 2014

Shaping up nicely!

March 2014

Early spring promise

February 2014

Lots of codlets and a few better ones.

January 2014

Lots of codlets and a few nudging size, promises for a great 2015!

December 2013

A few codlets and yting with the flatties.

November 2013

Hard going thank god for the flatties.

October 2013

Lots of whitig and some excellent flatties.

September 2013

Its all kicking off!

August 2013

Schoolies and soles plus some Lincs hounds.

July 2013

Schoolies and soles, an average summer

June 2013

Turrel's at it with the rays again, again! A Norfolk ray at Scratby too!!

May 2013

Turrel's at it with the rays again and some superbsport at last

April 2013

Righgear opens, odd codling, schoolies and dogs, looking up alright.

March 2013

Horrible, cold, easterlies. A few on lowie north and thats about that.

February 2013

It gets harder now for a few weeks, before getting a bit easier in March, weather permitting!

January 2013

It gets hard now for a few weeks!

December 2012

Plenty of tings and flats, still hardly a codling

November 2012

Plenty of tings and flats, flatlining codling :(

October 2012

More tings, flats and a few codling, things are looking up!

September 2012

Here come the Tings!

August 2012

A quiet month and the start of an indian summer

July 2012

Jolly Boys trip and smuts a plenty!

June 2012

Bass everywhere

May 2012

Bass everywhere and Mr Turrell scores again - not a typo - he does!

April 2012

Bass everywhere and Mr Turrell scores again.

March 2012

Christ on a bike, a quarter way through the year, soon be Christmas!

February 2012

A few off Corton still but little else

January 2012

Happy New Year - no fecking fish!

December 2011

Tings, dabs and a few offshore a bit.

November 2011

Harder than Mike Tyson on PCP, still shed loads of tings.

October 2011

Loads of whiting and the first proper ones of what looks to be a promising season.

September 2011

Whiting, yting, say it how you like, the little buggers are here.

August 2011

Slow month but still a few fish around.

July 2011

The months EDP reports, bass, sole and an occasional hound.

June 2011

Jolly Boys trip, bass and bits, long hot summer days, bootiful.

May 2011

Good spring continues and Paul Turrell repeats his ray exploits.

April 2011

Stuff the codling, bring on the bass!

March 2011

A few codling about and dogging fun!

February 2011

Still the doldrums but marginally less bad than 2010.

January 2011

Same crap a different year.

December 2010

Oh dear, the doldrums start early in East Anglia.

November 2010

Battered and bruised.

October 2010

Thursday night fever.

September 2010

A write up from Geno and the return of the passion.

August 2010

Lots of north few fish

July 2010

Shocking state of affairs!

June 2010

Waiting for the sole and mackerel.

May 2010

My best 3 hours fishing ever off a beach, better for being with my old mate the Leg End.

April 2010

Bass on the horizon.

March 2010

No sign of springers.

February 2010

The doldrums!

January 2010

We started to hope for a spring run as they dried up.

December 2009

Fishing was good, I never got chance to write about it!


November 2009

Fishing was good, I never got chance to write about it!

October 2009

And again

September 2009


August 2009

Waiting for autumn, nothing in here

July 2009

Me and Aidan down the river


June 2009

Nothing in here sorry

May 2009

Hmmm bass, smuts and warm sunny days.

April 2009

Paul's ray trip and nothing else!

March 2009

A Kentish blank and hardly aything else

February 2009

Marginally better


January 2009

Pants again!


December 2008

Pants basically!

November 2008

My first proper one of the season, still duffed up by Geno.

October 2008

Marks match and the start of the autumn / winter season.

September 2008

Croc and Digger's plugging masterclass!

August 2008

Bloody work! Thanks to Croc for an excellent write up.

July 2008

Ashamed to say there's not much dangling done this month, will get better though!

June 2008

More snot than a schoolboys sleeve and little else to talk about!

May 2008

That was the month that was.

April 2008

Jolly Boys trip and the start of the summer species at last.

March 2008

Portsmouth, wigs, Tollund man and still no fish!

February 2008

Bonnie Langford's muff, some nice puppies and a distinct lack of proper fish.

January 2008

Baldness causes, Dungeness and stuck jet skiers.

December 2007

Lincoln lot's visit and the muppets make a festive appearance.

November 2007

Batman and other TV stars watch the Fairclough show

October 2007

Scratching, blanking and updating.

September 2007

Gurning and Tarantino.

August 2007

Fackin liberty!

July 2007

Pete's double and the Sole bash.

June 2007

Jolly boys trip 2007

May 2007

Snotty weed and porno pics.

April 2007

Bottler Bradshaw, Bacton gypsies and nightmare neaps.

March 2007

Thornback rays and Darby n Joan.

February 2007

Geno writes and Stick butchers.

January 2007

Uma Thurman, Aramis et al.

December 2006

A win! Aidan's burn and cod roe.

November 2006

ICCM2006 and the Lincoln lot visit.

October 2006

Orford teasers and Nobby Stiles.

September 2006

The beginning of my blog.