EDP report 27/07/11

In the north of the region sport was hampered by a stiff northwesterly wind. This put a lovely looking surf on the sea though I don’t think we’ll reap the real benefits until we get towards the weekend and some of the weed comes out of it. There have been school bass caught by those braving the rough conditions though most reported weed also. Conditions were slightly easier round the corner and several reports of mixed bags of sole, whiting and smoothound pups from Yarmouth down to Lowestoft. The south pier has continued to give small fish sport for most anglers trying, again catches of sole, whiting and smoothound pups have dominated.

The beaches south of Lowestoft are producing a few sole and whiting too but it’s the rivers that are proving most consistent. Most if not all of the regions tidal rivers are producing eels, flounders and bass with an occasional sole. Match weights of eels over 3lb are not uncommon and I’m sure pleasure anglers could improve those by fishing in the dark or the whole period between tide runs. The humble eel isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, though in my experience eels over 12oz are reasonable sport and they don’t make a mess of your hook lengths as much as bootlaces do and they can be relied upon to pull your string when little else is feeding.

We’ve got a low sitting in the North Sea all this week that will drag northerly air down the coast and keep the surf going from the shingle round to Yarmouth, there should be a few bass and flounders feeding in it. Below Yarmouth to Lowestoft and the sea should be flatter and hopefully the surf will spread some colour here too, if it’s flat I would think there’ll be more sole and smoothound pups from the usual haunts.

EDP report 20/07/11

It’s been a hit and miss summer season so far, the rivers again proving the most reliable venues for a fish or two, the rivers emptying into the wash have been consistent with the Ouse, Welland and Nene all producing eels, flounders and school bass to peeler crab and lug. The shingle of north Norfolk has been sketchy with mackerel showing on one tide and then gone the next, the unsettled wind and weather won’t be helping and a decent settled spell with the wind off the land and a clearing sea will see things improve, at least as far as the mackerel are concerned. East Norfolk too has suffered from the unsettled spell. A nice bassy surf is too soon replaced by a flat and clearing sea with the fish not given long enough to settle to the conditions. A good surf for a few days and I’m sure will see a few bass taken along here and there’s still a chance of a hound or two if it stays flat long enough, weed has been a nuisance all along from the shingle to Yarmouth .

The river at Yarmouth has produced eels, flounders and school bass though I’ve had little reported to me from off the surrounding beaches, anglers fishing at Caister reported whiting and little else in a session last Friday. Lowestoft is still producing some soles with the usual hot spots showing some consistency. I have been told that the south pier is getting snaggy along most of its length now, hardly surprising given the amount of hammer it gets day and night. If you don’t fancy fishing through the snags and still want to try for the sole, then you could do worse than fish Pakefield bay under the caravans, Sizewell or Dunwich. The Avenue Angling sole match was fished at Southwold over the weekend, Gary Medlar claiming top spot with a sole and some bits for 3lb 6oz, a lot of skinny whiting were reported in this match too with a fair number sizeable on the measure. The forecast has a few days of northerly air flow as we head towards the weekend,  with the wind in the mid-teens it should be easily fishable and I reckon it will encourage a few bass to feed along the east Norfolk coast, but with that forecast and unless you’re on the rivers, it’ll be bass or bust I think.

EDP report 13/07/11

Another quietish week on the regions beaches, the only highlight is a few more sole caught with a little more consistency down in the south. It bodes well for the Avenue Angling sole match at Southwold this Saturday. There are still a few tickets available and if the wind plays ball it could be a good match, call Trev on 07515 627 986 for more information . There have been a few more sole from Southwold, Dunwich, and Sizewell, evening tides when the beach is quiet with a flat and coloured sea will give the best chances. The south pier at Lowestoft has been as good as anywhere with some lucky rods managing several sole up to 35cm, a charity match over the weekend yielding a few bits and pieces with the men taking a battle of the sexes competition.

Up around Yarmouth and the beaches have been full of holidaymakers rather than anglers though there are a few bits and pieces to be had at those quieter times. There have been a few more small hounds this week though you can hardly fish for them with any confidence, they seem to be falling to anglers fishing peeler at distance. East Norfolk has been very quiet with only a few school bass reported the sea has been very clear and the beaches particularly busy. Cromer seemed doubly packed at the weekend as the holiday making throng was swelled by large numbers of Tamil’s taking advantage of the excellent weather after their annual pilgrimage to Walsingham. North Norfolk has produced a few mackerel though there’s little in the reports for those fishing bait; weed has been a problem too. The rivers around the wash have been as good as anywhere; there are plenty of eels and flounders with school bass and occasional better bass to 4lb reported and you’re almost bound to find them quiet. The wind for the week ahead gives a fair old blow of north running up to the weekend, this could improve the bass sport on the east Norfolk beaches and I should think it could be worth a go anywhere from Cromer to Yarmouth, particularly as the tides are building and high water is in the early evening.

EDP report 06/07/11

As promised I have the report from the Help for Heroes match from a couple of weekends back, the rivers showing again that they can be a source of sport when things go quiet on the beach. 52 of the 63 anglers fishing managed to catch countable fish, N Howard of Team Veals claiming top spot with a stunning 8lb 9oz. Second spot went to S Drayton with 8lb 4oz and M taylor third with an ounce over 6lb. teams on the day were Imax Team Snags followed by Team Rite gear with Team Veals Mail Order in third spot, a good solid match with plenty of fish showing for the competitors. You can compare the river match with Holt SAC’s latest summer league match down at Bacton. Weed and bright conditions making it difficult for those taking part, Paul Fenech managed 3 fish including a couple of sizeable bass for 3lb 14oz, Sam Attew came in second with 5 fish for 2lb 7oz and Dick Able’s 3 fish earning him third spot with 1lb 15oz. There were a lot of undersized bass caught which is a positive sign for the future. There have been a few mackerel show off the shingle but you seem to have to catch it right, if the sea lifts and we get a bit of colour they seem to go as quick as they come.

There have been one or two reasonable catches round towards Yarmouth, Simon Roberts and Stephen Boyce getting amongst some small smoothounds and a few school bass at Caister. Simon managed the best hound at a respectable 6lb 4oz, cracking sporting fish and if they’re about they can give you frenetic sport. Lowestoft south pier has produced a few sole too, hopefully they will show more consistently if these warm and settled conditions continue. Dunwich too has produced some smoothound pups and a few flats including an odd sole for those trying their hand down there. Southwold must be worth a go for the sole now and there’s usually a few bass about too. Further south and the reports dry up a little, I haven’t heard anything at all from Aldeburgh or Orford and with holidaymakers making the most of the sunny weather the only real chance of sport is to fish late at night or very early in the morning.