EDP report 29/08/12

Another quiet week on the regions beaches with school bass, whiting and flatfish making up the bulk of catches. In the far south the deep water of Orford and Andleburgh have produced whiting, flats and school bass with the occasional smoothound pup, a few soles about too but it wants to be quiet and dark for these to feed. Southwold has produced a few sole too along with the whiting and school bass. Lowestoft has produced a few sole and smoothound pups with the omni present whiting and I noted the first codling of the “autumn”. Rob Allen has turned his thoughts away from the monster hounds of Lincolnshire and snared himself a nice conditioned 42cm codling from Lowestoft north beach. It was one of the few venues they hung around last season and it looks as if this year will be no different.

The beaches around Yarmouth have produced whiting flats and smoothound pups whilst the river has produced school bass, eels and flats. Above Yarmouth and the east Norfolk beaches have been busy with jet skiers and holidaymakers, there have been a few school bass and flats caught, again it needs to be quiet and dark to give good chances. A neighbour brought round some mackerel which were lovely grilled, they haven’t been on the shingle with any consistency though if its flats there’s always a chance and they’re usually a bit of a better size around now too. There should be good chances of bass off the beaches into this weekend, we have dusk high waters and a decent bit of northerly air flow to give us some surf, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some good ones caught too, they’ll be heading off back southwards any week and this time of the year usually throws one or two better fish up.

EDP report 22/08/12

Things have been generally quiet on the regions beaches, though the estuaries have been consistent. A different story just over the border into Lincolnshire, the hounds came back for a few tides with intense sport for those lucky enough to have the bait available to go. Rob Allen topped a superb hound season with an incredible fish of 25lb 2oz. Paul Coulthurst had another super session with eight hounds, four of which were doubles to 14.5lb, stunning sport in Mediterranean like conditions.

There have been a few school bass on the regions beaches and some sole too, though in general things have slowed a little. A good old stir up will have them all back on the feed again I’m sure. The shingle in the north has produced some flats and school bass, odd mackerel too but they are very much hit and miss. The sand of the east Norfolk beaches has produced school bass and a few flatties, fishing in dark the only viable option due to crowded beaches. A similar story Yarmouth down to Lowestoft, the south pier has produced a few sole as has Southwold and Sizewell, mainly scratching about for bits though. The deep water venues have produced sole and the ever present whiting, again night tides give best chances. Running towards neaps at the weekend and a nothing wind and I can’t see too much in the weather to help us, those estuaries might just be the best places for some sport over the weekend.

EDP report 15/08/12

A very quiet week on the regions beaches, changeable weather hasn’t helped though building tides and evening high waters will help things into the weekend. There have been precious few fish reported in the north, a few dabs on the shingle and some school bass in east Norfolk. There are some sole about between Yarmouth and Southwold but even they’ve gone off whilst the sea has been scruffy. The estuaries have been the places to go with some cracking match weights. The final match of the estuary championships was held at Sutton Bridge over the weekend. George Smith from Grimsby had eels and flounders for a superb weight of 12lb 11oz, Hampshire raider Andrew Dawkins had 25 fish for 10lb 4oz and second with Jeff Stannard third with 9lb 11oz, excellent sport when the beaches are slow. Andrew Dawkins narrowly held off George and Stephen Boyce to claim the series, all that I’ve spoken to about the series have commented on how well organised and supported the matches are, well done the rite gear team!

With the Olympics over and the beaches quiet, you might want to throw your support behind the England casting teams this coming Saturday the 18th. They’ll be going for gold in the world fishing games in Greece and there’s a cast off to select the A and B teams at the field on Browston Lane, Bradwell, Great Yarmouth. That should be well worth a watch, and the place to go to get some help putting a few extra yards on your fishing cast. Unlike the elite athletes of the 2012 games, these guys have to fund themselves, so go along, get some free advice and maybe buy some raffle tickets, and get to see some of the world’s best casters in action. For more information give Kev a call on 07795 967551

EDP report 08/08/12

A quieter week on the regions beaches but still a few fish about. There have been sporadic catches of mackerel on the shingle though they can be elusive, best areas have been around Cley. Heading south around the coast, lure and plug anglers have had some sport along the shingle; again chances improve if the bait fish are about. None of the bass have been huge but even a 2lber is good sport on light gear. Cromer down has seen school bass and flatfish with your best chances in the dark. I haven’t seen any hounds reported from the beaches around Yarmouth, which would seem to correspond to them leaving the Lincolnshire beaches too, though bass, flats and whiting are still on the cards. The river at Yarmouth has produced bass, flounders and eels as has the Ouse at Lynn.

Lowestoft down to Southwold and most anglers are targeting the sole with some nice fish caught. I don’t have the full results but the Sizewell sole match was won with 3lb odd, Simon Roberts won his section with a lovely looking sole and a whiting, I know it’s a very well organised and well attended with 62 anglers taking part, well done Boycie! Aldeburgh has produced a few sole too and some school bass, I haven’t had a report off the Ness for a while but would imagine the sport is something like Aldeburgh. Neaps over the weekend won’t help, particularly as they look to coincide with easterly winds, may be some mackerel about in the north though as long as it doesn’t blow too hard.

EDP report 01/08/12

As the holiday season gets into full swing, the regions beaches have been a little quieter. The beaches in neighbouring Lincolnshire are still producing good numbers of smoothounds though the 20lb+ fish seem to have had their litters and headed offshore, there still seem to be some nice fish up to double figures though and plenty of them. I would still expect some of these same fish to show on the Wash beaches though I haven’t seen or heard any reports from there, if you have a report for the area please email me on . The shingle in the north has been slow, there is plenty of bait fish in the water though there seems to be few bass chasing them, some school bass have shown to both plug anglers and those fishing baits.

The beaches below Sheringham and down to Sea Palling have been busy with holiday makers, evening tides have produced school bass and flats. Below Sea Palling down to Hopton and there have been a few hounds though they are generally smaller than the beasts off the Lincs beaches, they are still excellent sport. Lowestoft has produced some nice sole as has Southwold and Aldeburgh, I note that there are few slips in the reports and most are reasonable fish 30cm and upwards. Building tides with evening high waters in the south of the patch should keep sole on the menu below Lowestoft as long as the wind doesn’t get up too much. In the north there should be some mackerel about with winds off the land and dusk high waters and there should be chances of bass to the plug too.