EDP report 29/02/12

There’s been a slight change in the reports this week with a bit of variety showing on the east Norfolk beaches. We’ve had a few codling when it’s been properly rough, but there are a few dogfish and school bass showing now also, particularly on the flat beaches after dark. I fished in the week for a bit of casting practice really and managed a few sizeable whiting’s, it would be worth fishing with herring or sand ell for bait between Cromer and Sea Palling from now as there are a few dogfish getting inshore and there’s always the slim chance of a ray. The shingle ridge has produced plenty of dabs; Holt SAC’s seventh leg of their winter league accumulator was won by Sheringham ace Tony Thomas with 27 dabs for a flat 4lb. Second spot went to Paul Thorburn with 18 dabs for 3lb 1oz with Bill Beeton in third with 17 of them for 2lb 8oz; all the competitors had dabs just under the size limit also.

Yarmouth down to Lowestoft has seen localised codling with a few from the wreck at Gorleston and this season’s consistent spot, Corton. Boats just off Corton are still reporting good numbers of fish to 5lb and I’m convinced these fish will put a run on the beaches local to Corton and Hopton in the early spring. There have been a few amongst the snags at Lowestoft north beach too, though the south pier and Pakefield bay have been surprisingly quiet aside a few whiting, flats and undersized codling. It’s a similar story from Kessingland round to Southwold. Terry Smith fished Dunwich with high hopes and low expectations, he wasn’t too disappointed to catch pin whiting most casts with very few sizeable fish at all. Aldeburgh and Orford have produced a few codling but nothing like the numbers up the coast around Lowestoft, there should be a few dogs and rays coming around Orford anytime, look out for the boat reports as they’re usually the first to get them. The forecast doesn’t look too inspiring with double figure temperatures and nothing winds this week, but its well worth a chuck on some of the pretty eastern beaches for a chance of an early bass and dogfish to fish baits.

EDP report 22/02/12

There were a few codling around east Norfolk this last week, the north westerly wind helping no end with some proper rough seas and the fish in for a feed on the back of them. Chris Bulch of Team Sabre in Cromer scored again at Cromer with a nice brace of chunky codling, there were also fish from Trimingham and the rough ground at Weybourne and some early school bass at Mundesley. With a mixed bag of weather due this week, including some unseasonably warm temperatures towards the weekend, anything could happen on the regions beaches.

Holt SAC found the conditions a little too tough last Sunday. Despite switching the match from a heaving sea at Bacton to a more fishable Kelling, only Bill Beeton and John Carter managed to find any fish with Bill finding a couple of dabs and a flounder for 1lb 4oz, holding off John’s 2oz rockling for a well-earned win in tough conditions. One or two of the competitors saved their bait and tried the flatter beaches once the wind had eased, resulting in a couple of early school bass at Mundesley. The rough ground still seems to hold the key, and when the beaches are unfishable, Cromer pier gives you the advantage of allowing you to fish beyond the breaking waves and gives great chances of codling in heavy seas.

There were codling too from Tramps Alley, but it seems to be hit and miss. Alan Kettle and a couple of mates had a super little session bagging a brace apiece and missing a few. I can’t help but think that when the crabs and shrimps get moving again inshore, those fish just off Corton will be in feeding up. The Yarmouth beaches have been quiet, the whiting seem to have thinned out bar a few pins and aside from the occasional flat and codling it’s a similar story from Pakefield round to Southwold. Aldeburgh and Orford have produced a few fish, but again it’s a lottery. With the warming due this week followed by a good old lump of north-west again in the forecast, I think the east Norfolk beaches will be worth a go, particularly on the rougher ground, seems there’s a chance of a bass with a codling too.

Bacton 21/02/12

A mate was over delivering a course locally so I arranged to hook up and have an hour or two of the ebb at Bacton. There was a bit of colour but no real sea and I knew we'd struggle a bit. Casting practice at worst, we ended up with a few sizeable whitings on a very pleasant evening, a bit of weed early ebb which disappeared after an hour or so, very enjoyable evening and thanks to Dave for dragging me out!

EDP report 15/02/12

There are some reasonable looking conditions for the week ahead, the beaches of north and east Norfolk could be the place to head for this weekend. Temperatures are about to climb for a few days and there’s a proper north westerly wind forecast through to tomorrow night, this will put a good sea on and it should carry a bit of colour, the hope is those fish that have been sitting offshore will get in to feed in the rough conditions. There has been a spattering of codling from round the coast again this week, rough ground marks producing a few fish and the whiting certainly seem to have thinned out giving the better fish a chance at least. Matt Lawes had a single bite under the cliffs at Weybourne for a 2lb codling whilst the cleaner ground along the shingle has produced mainly flats and occasional whiting. East Norfolk has been quieter, blanks reported from Bacton and Walcott with some weed at Trimingham and Mundesley; I still think this could be the area to fish later in the week with Thursday’s evening flood tide looking good if the wind drops as forecast.

Yarmouth and surrounds have been quieter with only flats, small codling and whiting reported, another area that could do with a decent blow, anything that smacks right into Hopton bay must surely bring a few of those fish hanging off Corton in. Paul Kerry fished the Tramps Alley end of Corton last Thursday and managed 3 codling between 1.5 and 2lb, tough going when you’re watching eight boats a half mile off catching plenty between 2 and 5lb. Those fish I’m sure will come within casting range and give us a spring run, as soon as the shrimp and crabs start to move inshore they’ll be in for a feed. Lowestoft north has produced one or two codling in the old sea wall and there have been a few immature codling in Pakefield bay. Southwards down to Orford, and whilst the boats have managed a few they haven’t had the numbers of fish being caught off Lowestoft, there have been occasional codling at Southwold off the pier and Aldeburgh and Orford.

EDP report 08/02/12

There seems to have been a sprinkling of 2-3lb codling off the regions beaches this week, due in no part to the bit of east wind and the change in temperatures I shouldn't wonder. Looking at the catch reports and what I know of the beaches producing a few and it seems rough ground is the key, whether that’s on the shingle, east of Cromer or Lowestoft way, it seems to be the rough ground that’s holding a few. The north Norfolk shingle has produced a few dabs and flounders with the occasional codling from the rough under the cliffs at Weybourne. The latest round of the teams of 5 at Kelling was cancelled due to the weather, those close enough to risk the drive fished a Holt club match there instead and were rewarded with some decent flattie conditions. Ashley Vertigan claimed top spot with 29 fish for a very reasonable 5lb 9oz, Sheringham ace Tony Thomas was second with 23 fish for 4lb 14oz and Paul Thorburn came third with 18 flats for 3lb 1oz, decent returns given the 2’ high snow drifts on the beach!

The rough ground east of Cromer pier produced odd codling for those brave enough to fish in the cold and snow, the sea carrying a nice colour and a little bit of a roll from the winds that brought the icy blast from Russia. I was told of a few immature codling from Yarmouth to Kessingland, though it’s Lowestoft north beach that has produced a few better specimens, again the rough ground is the key whilst cleaner beaches like Pakefield have seen a few 10-12” long codling. The whiting seem to have decreased in number too, that’s probably about right for now anywhere other than the shingle, though there weren't’t any reported in the match above, it could be that they’ve left to spawn or that the easterly put them off the feed, either way the slight increase in codling caught I’m sure is partly due to there being fewer whiting around. Southwold to Orford and there have been a few better codling too with fish reported at Aldeburgh and Orford particularly. The cold spell is set to continue and we have more easterly wind this week with decent sized late evening tides, hopefully the small improvement noted this week will continue.

EDP report 01/02/12

There’s been little change in the sport this week though things might shift with some easterlies due and a drop in the temperature expected as we head towards the weekend. Friends fished the rough ground under the cliffs at Weybourne over the weekend for whiting and rockling; it’s a similar story further down the coast though here we’ve seen a few very small codling too. I’d been told that the last two years were good spawning years for the cod though was surprised we hadn’t seen many juvenile fish, there have been a few showing on recent tides from Cromer down which is promising at least and those fish just off Lowestoft are still there too judging by boat catch reports.

The Gorleston tackle open was hard work for the competitors this weekend gone; Rob Tuck claimed top spot with 1lb 15oz at Yarmouth south beach. Hopton and Gorleston beaches have been little better with whiting and occasional flats, the easterlies due may help here especially if they blow for a bit. There have been one or two codling caught from Corton down to Ness point though again these are the exception rather than the rule and go expecting to lose kit, you won’t be disappointed!  That theme is continued on the beaches down to Orford, occasional codling, a few of those juvenile codling but mostly whiting and flats.

I’m hoping rather than expecting sport to improve with the coming weather change; in my experience easterlies are rarely good unless they persist for a while but it might just be the shift that will bring those fish just off Lowestoft inside for a feed. If they do I’d expect the beaches from Gorleston to Kessingland to produce a few, Hopton and Corton would be favourites, evening high waters at Lowestoft and tides building from today increase your chances too, you can always mail me your catch reports.