EDP report 31/10/12

An upturn in the sport I think this week, possibly down to the bigger tides and a bit of colour after a northerly blow, there were certainly more fish showing on the shingle and east Norfolk where a few whiting are now starting to show with the school bass and flatfish. Holt SAC fished at Kelling last Sunday and there were a lot more fish carded this week than last. Rob Tuck led the field with 8lb 10oz a full ounce ahead of Sam Attew in second. Tony Thomas finished third with 32 fish for 7lb 7oz. Dabs predominated with a few good flounders and a couple of school bass, there were also a few whiting caught.

There were whiting and school bass reported from Cromer down to Yarmouth, Mundesley and Trimingham yielding a few, though its noted that there were fewer school bass than recently. The Yarmouth area has produced stacks of sizeable whiting which all bodes well for the Mark Alsop memorial match this Sunday, tickets and details from John on  07773 389121. There are a lot of sizeable whiting from Lowestoft too with still a few of the resident codling along Lowestoft north to spice things up a bit. The real shot in the arm though has come from Southwold and southwards. Whiting are still the mainstay but I’ve seen a fair few codling to 6lb reported from Aldeburgh and Orford and the first shore caught double I’ve seen off the Ness too, a cracker at 12lb. Things are looking up nicely and I wouldn’t mind betting the new moon tides in November produce a few.

EDP report 24/10/12

There are still a few school bass on the shingle though its mostly small flats for the pleasure anglers. Match anglers have fared little better, Holt SAC’s last match at Salthouse was a shear sea struggle. Bill Beeton and Pete Loke shared top spot with 1lb 5oz each with Tony Thomas in third spot with a level pound. Further down the coast and there was some slightly better fishing as the sandy beaches held the colour a little longer than the shingle. School bass, whiting and flats were reported from Cromer down to Walcott with kayakers finding plenty of schoolies and even a few late mackerel. The really productive beaches at the minute are from Yarmouth down with most stretches producing plenty of sizeable whiting and the odd small codling. This all bodes well for the Mark Alsop memorial match on Yarmouth’s north beach on the 4th November. Tickets are going fast so it’s vital that you book in as soon as possible, tickets are available from John on 07773 389121 and the draw is at the Lacon Arms at 8:30. This is a very well organised match; I’ll try and get to this one myself as Mark is a sorely missed friend, £3 of the £10 all in ticket goes to the Macmillan Nurses fund, a very worthwhile cause indeed.

Below Yarmouth and there are a few resident codling in the rough ground along north beach, but it’s whiting again most of the way round to Orford. I’ve seen a few decent codling to 5lb starting to show off the Ness and I don’t have the full result for the Aldeburgh Blind, I know Gary Meddler won it and that whiting figured highly in some pretty miserable conditions, I think even with a bit of colour you probably still want the dark to have the best chances of a codling. The week ahead has temperatures dropping and we could see the first decent conditions for east Norfolk with some northeast and evening high waters as the tides build towards Halloween, if the forecast comes there should be some colour and good chances in the evenings.

EDP report 17/10/12

There were a few anglers out and about last weekend despite the wind and rain, those braving the elements were generally rewarded, albeit with whiting and school bass. Holt SAC fished the first round of the sea league at Bacton last Sunday. They found a few fish in the trying conditions, henry Randell ran out winner with a creditable eight fish for 6lb 15oz. Paul Harvey finished second with four fish 4lb 7oz and John Neave third with six for 4lb 6oz. order of the day were school bass and some decent flounders, not the whiting that we’ve seen further south though. Teams on the day saw Holt SAC and The Gutter Bashers tied on 8 points each with North Norfolk Lads third with 10 points.

The shingle has produced occasional school bass and small flatfish, the flatties should hopefully increase in size and numbers over the next few months, coloured water and night tides will help. Yarmouth and southwards have been the pick of the beaches this week with lots of whiting, some good ones, and a sprinkling of small codling from Lowestoft north, Thorpeness and Aldeburgh. I really do hope we get a cod run this year, the last couple have been disappointing with ony a few fish in the spots they tend to reside in. I don’t have the full results of the sea league match fished from Gorleston to Hopton steps but know there was plenty of whiting to be caught; the winner had nearly 9lb in daylight. The week ahead sees the tides falling but high waters in the dark, there’s also some decent strength southerly airflow due around the middle of the week, watch out for the colour this brings down south, there’ll hopefully be a few more codling mixed in with the whiting.

EDP report 10/10/12

The whiting seem to have turned up in good numbers around Yarmouth and Lowestoft, I’ve seen some big fish for this early in the season reported, one or two of them over 40cm. The humble whiting tend to get a bad name, they can get in the way when anglers are targeting bigger fish, but they at least can be relied upon to keep the rod tips nodding and they are lovely in fishcakes or a fish pie! There have been a few school bass about too, they can show up anywhere from the shingle ridge right round the coast to the far south of the patch as now is the time they start to make the trip back to the bay of Biscay or wherever it is they head.

There was a distinct lack of bass in Holt SAC’s latest match at Kelling, they had planned to fish Trimingham but had no sooner got pegged out than the jet skiers arrived so the match was moved to Kelling. The disruption didn’t stop my old mate Pete Morse though, he managed four fish for a meagre 1lb 10oz, and the only bass of the day to take the honours. Richard Ellis took second with 1lb 4oz and Paul Thorburn in third had three fish for 1lb 2oz. Dene Conway, Simon Roberts, Stephen Boyce and Dave Reed headed off to Deal in Kent for the British open at the weekend and as a team they finished runners up, a great result in somebody else’s backyard! All four of them finished among the top 50 individuals in a strong 350 angler field, a great result for the lads.

EDP report 03/10/12

You didn’t need to be mystic Meg to know that there would be a few on the beach over last weekend. The tides were bigger and better with ebb into darkness in the east and high water in the dark further south, perfect after the little stir up we’d had. The fish responded too with some reasonable bass reported from Cromer down to Orford, even a few nice ones on the Wash coast too. The north Norfolk shingle was a little slower though, pleasure anglers reporting a few school bass but mostly small dabs in their catch reports. Holt SAC fished for the Sid Ernie cup at Kelling last Saturday, turnout was down probably due to the Gorleston Tackle open the following day and City at home. Sheringham ace Tony Thomas took the top spot with two fish for 11oz. John Neave was second with 8oz and Pete Loke third with 3oz. the North Norfolk Sea League teams of 5 starts at Bacton on the 14th October, anybody wishing to enter a team or wanting a team place should call Tony on 01263 822400 or Holt SAC on 07899 032984, there is no league joining fee.

I had hoped to fish over the weekend but work and a shortage of bait put paid to my plans, there were some good fish caught locally with bass to 3.5lb. Trimingham, Bacton and Walcott all produced a few school bass and whitings. Further round at Yarmouth and the above mentioned Gorleston Open was fished between the wreck and Hopton. I don’t have the full results but Richard Burt won it with mark Gooch in second and Gary Medler in third, catches were made up of whiting and dabs with a couple of small hounds too. I would have thought there would have been a codling or too caught given the quality competing. Lowestoft down to Orford has been similar with whiting and flats making up the bulk of catches though there have been a few small codling in the rough stuff at Lowestoft and in the very deep south, only a matter of time now before they should start to appear more regularly in catches further north.