EDP report 03/04/13

The weather has held sway over the regions beaches with many unfishable for days on end. There were a few codling along Lowestoft north beach in the run up to these easterlies, and I’m sure there will be a few more out too once the seas ease a bit. A few hardy souls have braved the weather and I’ve seen and spoken to people about reports from Weybourne, Cromer and Trimingham, nothing much to report aside a few rockling and scorpions. The east Norfolk beaches have been all but unfishable with white water as far as the eye can see, though you’d have to fancy a few feeding fish once the sea is fishable.

Below Lowestoft and there are still a few small whiting and immature codling from Aldeburgh and Orford. By now we are usually seeing a few dogfish and perhaps some school bass, though I think the unseasonably cold 4oc sea temperature might be holding things back a bit. It can only be a matter of time before sport does pick up, and with winds poised to turn northeast through the week and keep the swell and rough seas above Yarmouth, it may be that there’s a window of opportunity along Lowestoft north, Aldeburgh and Orford.

EDP report 20/03/13

It seems that bait makes the difference this week on the regions beaches, with fresh crab significantly out fishing worm. Rob Allen and Adrian Crane fished Lowestoft north beach with some fresh Devon peelers and had seven lovely codling between them, the biggest at 5lb 7oz with most around the 3lb mark, they couldn’t buy a bite on worm. It was interesting to see the boats off Corton found a few too, though not many more than the guys from the shore found. The polar opposite of Rob and Adrian’s sport awaited Matt Lawes when he fished at Sheringham, having made the long walk to his chosen spot and tackled up he found he’d left his bait in the fridge! It’s hard enough as it is this time of the year without handicapping yourself further, unlucky Matt.

East Norfolk has been tough too with only occasional flats and rockling reported and with more cold and easterlies forecast this week it’s not easy to see an improvement. A match at Aldeburgh on Sunday only yielded flats and undersized codling, so it does look as though what codling are about are tightly shoaled around Lowestoft again. I haven’t seen any reports from Orford, this time of the year there’s usually the odd ray, dogfish and spring codling though things are quiet at the minute. With more unpredictable weather and the dreaded easterly winds again this week I think it will be hard going, hopefully the tight shoals around Lowestoft will spread out a bit and run the beaches over the next few weeks.

EDP report 13/03/13

What a week! Howling north easterlies and heavy swells left lots of beaches in the north and east of the region all but unfishable, those that did brave the conditions wished they’d stayed at home with only a few rockling and occasional flattie to report. Holt SAC’s last match of the winter accumulator was scheduled for Bacton but switched to Kelling in the hope of finding a few more fish. Three rockling and a dab were the only fish carded in the match with Paul Thorburn taking two of the four for 6oz and top spot. Kev Green was second with 4oz and Bill Beeton third with 3oz. The final top four teams in order were North Norfolk Lads, Holt Crack Offs, Gutter Bashers, and Holt SAC A. Those four teams will represent the North Norfolk Sea League in the National Sea League Final at Eastbourne in November.

East Norfolk and into Suffolk has been little better with occasional whiting, and even scarcer codling, showing from Corton to Ness Point, though there have been few people fishing in the cold and blustery conditions. With more wind and freezing temperatures in this week’s forecast it’s difficult to put a positive spin on things, though if you can catch east or north Norfolk beaches as they become fishable there has to be a chance in those seas. Holt SAC have their presentation evening next weekend and that’s the end of their season until Easter when they start over, new members are always welcome, for more information check out for more information or email me for contact details.

EDP report 06/03/13

A slight upturn this week, particularly south of Yarmouth with a few codling to 3lb and a sprinkling of smaller ones too. I wouldn’t say they add up to a spring run yet but optimism is higher than it was and the run up to April will tell if there’s going to be a run or not. A 20lb+ cod was reported from a boat off Orford Ness whilst a sprinkling of codling to 3lb have been reported from the Ness and up to Aldeburgh. There have been a few immature fish From Southwold, Minsmere, and Dunwich along with undersized whiting and small dabs. Pakefield bay and Lowestoft south pier have been quiet though Ness point to Corton has produced a few more 2-3lb codling amongst the rough ground there.

Hopton has been quiet from beach and boat, again an occasional fish has turned up at the wreck and features seem to be the holding areas as usual, at least until there’s enough fish shoaling to run the beaches. Yarmouth to Cromer has been slow with only rocklings and small whiting and flats reported with occasional immature codling. Holt fished Trimingham last Sunday, a hard match won by Sam Attew with 5 rockling for 1lb 2oz, Henry Randell was second with 11oz and Tony Thomas third with 6oz. All the fish caught were rockling aside 3 flounders though Paul Thorburn lost a nice 5lb codling in the surf. The shingle ridge has been hit and miss too with anglers blanking on one tide and managing a few immature codling on the next. A rise in temperatures will do sport no harm at all, and once the crabs and shrimps get on the move again the fish won’t be far behind. There have been a few school bass in reports this week, a sure sign things will be picking up in the next few weeks.