EDP report 27/08/14

It might be a tad early for looking back on this summer, but all in I think it's been pretty good. We haven't had lots of double figure bass but we have had lots of good fish, hounds, bass, sole, mackerel, codling have all put an appearance in over the last three months. Steady sport still, particularly below Yarmouth, where there are lots of just about sizeable codling and still some nice soles showing, along with occasional dogfish and silver eels on their return legs. Around Yarmouth and the Suffolk rivers and there has been lure sport with some feisty school bass taken. Above Yarmouth round to the shingle and it's a story of school bass and flats with a few of those codling that are showing in numbers below Lowestoft.

Good luck this week to Kev Southey, Duane Lockwood, and the rest of the guys competing for England in the World Casting championships in Italy this week. The region has a long record of successful casters competing for their country, here's hoping the lads do the region proud again.

EDP report 20/08/14

Unusually for me the predictions from last week were broadly inline with what we saw from the regions beaches this week. As the summer gives way to autumn, and there's a definite autumn feel about things now, the sport seemed to shift too. Codling, albeit small ones, showed up in more numbers in the south, and the little bit of northerly over the weekend sparked some good bass fishing in the north and east.

It's a great time of the year to fish, you never quite know what's going to happen as summer species give way to our winter visitors. The bass seem to be grouping up, good catches can be made when the conditions are right, it feels like they're getting ready to head off again. It feels like we may have some codling sport this year too, if the fish being caught now hang around they'll be a nice size come the winter.

EDP report 13/08/14

A relatively quiet week on the regions beaches with the sport along similar lines to the week previous. There have been some nice bass show, particularly on the north and west Norfolk beaches, quite a few mackerel when it’s been flat too on the shingle. Further down and there have been school bass and flats with occasional smoothound pups on the east Norfolk beaches whilst the Suffolk beats have produced some good soles this year. I reckon we can already look back on this summer as being a successful one despite having to give the beaches over to the holidaymakers during daylight. I’ve seen some great catches from decent hounds to bags of bass and mackerel, and some very tasty soles. I’m even seeing some just sizeable codling in catch reports from several different venues in Norfolk and Suffolk, hopefully a good sign for the coming months.

Having escaped the worst of Bertha, the weather looks set for the coming week, warm days and westerly’s should bring the mackerel in and there should be some decent conditions for trying for bass on the plug and light gear, especially if the sea goes shear. Suffolk should still produce some soles, I’ve seen plenty between 35 and 40cm which is a good stamp of fish. There’s even a hint of northerly perhaps over the weekend which may give a little bit if surf early on Saturday, you’ll want to be early though as I can only see it flattening off quickly.

EDP report 06/08/14

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