EDP report 26/02/14

A mixed picture across the region reflecting the mixed bags that are being caught. In the north on the shingle there are plenty of mini species showing along with dabs and some better whiting, and a few codling too in the rough ground under the cliffs at Weybourne. Coming down the coast and there have been odd codling at most of the sandy beaches, but especially between Cromer and Bacton, though again it’s the smaller pin whiting, rockling, scorpions and flats that are making up the bulk of the catches. Nice to see some school bass in recent reports too, not too long if it stays mild before we see their bigger brethren turning up. Holt SAC fish their latest club match at Bacton on Sunday, the competitors found it hard to find the fish during daylight, Mike Watts had 1lb 13oz for top spot, and Keith Morley came second with 1lb 2oz with Tony Thomas in third with 13oz. There were some codlets caught and counted with a 25cm size limit for this match.

A similar story in and around Yarmouth with the feature beaches like Gorleston producing a few better fish amongst the bits. Corton down to Ness point is the same with a few better fish amongst the whiting and rockling and so the story goes down below Lowestoft to Southwold. The next couple of years look rosy with the number of small codling about, a very optimistic view I know, but there are lots of just undersize fish now which will be a good size if they come back next year. There’s some good looking tides over the next week, building nicely into the weekend with the ebb into darkness. The wind and weather looks to be fairly settled, I just hope the swing from south through to west doesn’t bring weed to the East Norfolk beaches, it could be good there this weekend if the weed holds off.

EDP report 19/02/14

Harder times on the regions beaches this week, weed in the north and east hampered sport and only a few sizeable fish were carded in local matches. Holt SAC fished a grueller at Salthouse, Pete Morse claiming the honours with four fish for 1lb 4oz, John Neave came second, with his four fish totalling 1lb 1oz and Richard Ellis had four again for 14oz, a hard match with only 22 sizeable fish caught. East Norfolk has been hampered by weed, given the south westerly winds we’ve had it’s no surprise that the weed is there. It’s a shame though because there are a few showing at the usual spots if you can get a bait out there, there are some codling around Cromer, Trimingham, and Mundesley with fish nudging 2.5lb amongst the codlets.

Paul Kerry fished Corton and managed a 3lb codling, the run from Tramps up to Ness point seems to hold a few resident fish, picking the spot that’s rough enough to hold them but not too rough to fish is the trick along here. Some super looking seas we’ve had over the last full moon tides, rolling coloured seas looking like they should be full of fish. There are a few around but for the most part they are last years and 2011/12’s young that are showing now. They are there in good numbers and as long as nothing too drastic happens between now and next, our cod fishing looks very promising for the next two years. Tides will start to drop back a bit now, and with more southerly in the forecast I can see those codlets hanging about off the Suffolk coast. Above Yarmouth though and it wouldn’t hurt for a bit of a change in the wind, though the low pressures are at least allowing the sea a bit of a roll. Good chances amongst the weed at Trimingham and Mundesley.

EDP report 12/02/14

Lots of small codling in catches this week, with a handful making the size limit, a really positive sign for the future. They seem to be spread around the coastline too and not just hunkered down in the usual features. In the north of the patch the match scene is alive and well, Holt SAC fished at Kelling last Sunday, Henry Randell winning with 2lb 14oz, Mike Watts was second with 2lb 2oz and Tom Gibbs shared third place with Pete Loke with 2lb 1oz. The North Norfolk National Sea League was fished simultaneously, Henry’s 2lb 14oz enough to see Alan Doy into second by 11oz squeezing Mike Watts into third. Wendy Metcalfe who used to fish with Holt has been called up to fish the home internationals for England, Henry Randell has been selected for the same junior event and Tony Thomas narrowly missed out on selection too, good luck to all involved and I hope to cover the event in July. Norfolk AC fished Mundesley last night, 15 members braved the cold with Peter Hansell in top spot with 2lb 10oz, Andy Turk 1lb 14oz and second and Mark Batson third with 13oz, nice to see 9 codling recorded, a couple just made the measure, also a sizeable bass was carded a reminder that warmer days are not too far away now.

In the south the story is similar with lots of small codling in catches. Gary Rodgers had 8 with a mate at Pakefield, again not all of them making the measure. East Anglian League teams of five fished their latest match at Minsmere. Essex raiders Clacton took top spot on the day and lead the league overall. Ritegear finished second on the day and are in fourth overall with Stuart Guns and Tackle third on the day and third overall. We seem to have one low pressure system after another at the moment, and as much as they are keeping the cold at bay we’ve seen a lot of fresh water through the river systems, a change over the next week or so would be welcome, and perhaps we’ll see a few more codling in size as we run into spring.

EDP report 05/02/14

Steady as she goes this week, there’s been an upturn in the codling for sure, with lots of year old codlets and even a few school bass in reports. Starting in the south and its Suffolk that seems to hold your best chances of a codling. There are lots of codlets in catches, proof of the predicted good spawning year last year. Marine biologists indicated that the conditions were right for a good year and sure enough those fish are now starting to show on the beaches, there are a sprinkling of 2lb and slightly better fish with them, but it’s the promise of future bounties that the young ones represent that I’m most excited about. There are a few coming up the coast too, Yarmouth has seen codlets with the pin whiting and dabs, though the favoured marks seem to be the usual features.

In the north some lovely looking seas have yielded flats and whiting with only occasional codling coming to anglers away from the rough ground at Weybourne and Trimingham, I’m sure though as winter ebbs into spring that those small ones and a few better ones will show above Yarmouth too. Norfolk Angling Club fished their latest match at Walcott, there was still some debris from the surge around, which made for some unusual catches including a Christmas tree and some under garments! Finding sizeable fish proved difficult, Bob O found 3 and enough to take the top spot and his first ever match win, second place went to Campbell McKenzie in only his second match with Jake Cooper third, another good turn out with 24 fishing, great to see a thriving local club scene. Tides are starting to ease back now after the new moon, there’s not much in the wind for the north of the region but Suffolk should keep those codlets and codling coming.