EDP report 29/10/14

The match anglers seem to be having the best of it at the minute, loads of flats and whiting in catches, a few codling sizeable on the measure, and some reasonable weights reflecting that. Holt SAC held their annual open at Bacton last weekend, Henry Randell again leading a strong field with 6lb 3oz. Keith Morley finished second with 4lb 9oz with Paul Harvey an ounce further off in third. Henry took the heaviest round too with a codling of 1lb 7oz, only 2oz lighter than Keith Morley’s cracking flounder at 1lb 9oz! Red weed has been reported from many of the beaches above Yarmouth, thanks in no small part to the recent visit of what was left of hurricane Gonzalo. I don’t know why, we often seem to get an influx of weed on the beaches above Yarmouth following strong southwesterlies, it appears to be the case again after last week’s stormy weather.

It’s a slightly different story below Yarmouth, there are still lots of whiting and the codling might be just in size on the measure, but it’s the variety that seems to be the feature in the south. Karl Gibson managed a ray and a school bass recently, and I’ve seen lots of reports with soles, dogfish, and bass still in them. Reports from Orford are of some better quality codling, along with dogs and occasional rays, but I’ve also noticed some good rods struggling in recent matches down there, an indication that the fish aren’t spread widely everywhere. The forecast for the week ahead has light winds with plenty of south in them, this may help shift the weed in the north and hopefully keep some colour in the water in the deep south.

EDP report 22/10/14

Steady as she goes this week, still lots of fish about but it looks to me like there’s a north south divide starting to widen. Above Yarmouth and there are a few whiting, occasional codling and some good flatfish, below Yarmouth and it’s all about the codling and whiting. In the far south of the patch there have been some slightly better codling amongst those just sizeable fish, there are still quite a few dogfish and the odd thornback ray still around Orford. At Aldeburgh there have been codling and whiting though again the better fish are largely outnumbered by those just on or under size. It’s a similar story around Lowestoft, Hopton, and Gorleston with plenty of fish, luck playing a large part on whether you get amongst the better ones.

The east Norfolk sand has produced some good flounders and a few chunky codling, the codling not in the same quantities as those hitting the Suffolk beaches. Some good flats helped Charlie Needham to another win in the Sabre Tackle series. Fishing at Trimingham, Charlie’s 6lb 3oz narrowly edged Chris Bulch into second spot by 2oz, with Trevor Barnes in third with 3lb 9oz. Leeda has sponsored this series, Luke Borley’s 32cm flounder winning a smashing new bass rod for him, well done Luke! The weather looks to be on the change again, hurricane Gonzalo providing some north westerly flow for the Norfolk beaches going into the weekend, it could just be the catalyst to get some better codling on the beaches.

EDP report 15/10/14

Lots of sport to be had right around the region and it’s pretty much worth a cast off any of our beaches right now. In the far south of the patch, codling, whiting, and still a few rays are the target species. The whiting numbers seem to grow with every tide but there’s some good ones amongst them and there are plenty of those on the size limit codling to break up the whiting a bit. There are still a few rays showing below Yarmouth though not in the numbers they were a week or so ago, again whiting and codling will be the mainstay of catches now until the spring though there are still a few school bass and some good flounders turning up too.

Above Yarmouth it’s a similar story without so many of the codling. There are plenty of whiting, some cracking flounders, and occasional school bass being caught. Holt SAC hosted the first round of the North Norfolk Sea League at Bacton last weekend. A good turnout and a competitive match saw Mike Watts take top individual spot with 9lb 1oz. Dick Ellis was second with 8lb 7oz and Alan Doy third with 6lb 7oz. Cromer’s Sabre Tackle entered two teams and it was their B team which took the top team spot on the day with 9 points ahead of Avenue Angling, Holt Crack Offs, and North Norfolk Lads in joint second each with 11 points. Best round fish went to Kev Green of North Norfolk Lads with a bass of 2lb 8oz, and best flat went to Mark Borley of Team Sabre B with a fine flounder of 1lb 5oz. The inclement weather through this week looks to be breaking into the weekend, with building tides I would think we’ll see more of the same this week.

EDP report 08/10/14

Can't find this one, definitely did it?

EDP report 01/10/14

For the first time in a long time we have had some mixed fortunes on the regions beaches. The consistent sport we've enjoyed throughout the season fave way to some indifferent form in the north of the patch particularly. Holt SAC fished Cley last Sunday and most anglers struggled in the bright, shear sea conditions. Mike Watts took the top spot with 12 fish for 3lb 8oz, John Neave was second with 15oz, and Dick Ellis third with 9oz, next weeks club match is cancelled due to the Girleston open. Sabre Tackles first Sunday league match saw the competitors struggle too. Fishing under the cliffs at Weybourne and into darkness, Mark Botley took top spot with a codling and a flounder for 30 points, Phil Avard was second with 25 points and Henry Randell in third with 20 points.

It gets a little better the further south you go with more whiting, and some pretty good ones, showing from Cromer down to Lowestoft. The real highlight of the week though has been on the Suffolk beaches again where the Rays turned up in good numbers. I saw several catches of two and three fish, with a good size showing too. Several fish were in the 6-9lb bracket, Rob Allen had a couple of seven pounders and weighed a double figure fish for a nearby angler. I've never known a year like it for Rays from our beaches, let's hope this is a good omen for future sport. Whiting and codling will be the quarry from here through the winter, I would think the Suffolk beaches will get the best of that sport initially too.