EDP report 24/06/15

EDP report 17/06/15

A little patchier this week but there is still some good sport to be had if you can match your venues with tides and conditions. Holt SAC and Sabre Tackle's last match at Salthouse was a tough one with only 39 fish carded amongst the competitors. Paul Tovell took the top spot with two fish for 2lb 3oz. Jeff Stannard was second with 2lb 1oz, and John Carter third with 1lb 14oz, the clubs are hoping for better next Sunday at Kelling. On the sand and things have been a little better I would say. There are still some hounds around between Cromer and Yarmouth and they can and do, turn up on any of the beaches inbetween. There are bass too, again your looking for good conditions, the ebb into darkness takes some beating along the eastern beaches.

In the far south there are a few hounds, occasional rays still too, along with the bass and a definite upturn of sole reported in catches. I love fishing for soles, aggressive little flatfish and great eating of course. Lowestoft, Pakefield, and right round to Aldeburgh give the best chances with Southwold a particular favourite, warm evenings with coloured water increase your chances,  small hooks, big baits, and don't cast too far!

EDP report 10/06/15

There's still plenty of good sport to be had on the regions' beaches, particularly if you catch the conditions right fir your target species. The Wash beaches have seen some superb sport, not too dissimilar from that seen across the water in Lincolnshire. Charlie Needham had some cracking hounds and rays to 5lb in some hectic sessions. There are still some hounds showing albeit occasionally on the shingle, if the sea is flat. The mackerel will show then too, if it's surfing there's really good chances of bass.

Holt and Sabre Tackle fished Bacton last weekend in their summer accumulator. Although they didn't find hounds there was plenty of variety including a gurnard, Mike Watts won the match with a level 7lb. Tony Thomas back in the frame after a bit if an absence in second with 6lb 3oz, and Shane Brown third with 5lb 7oz. In the south and the ray fishing gas slowed but I've seen some quality sole being caught and these will be the target for those fishing balmy summer nights.

EDP report 3/06/15