EDP report 28/10/15

EDP report 21/10/15

Lots more cracking fish on the beaches this last week, and I’m hopeful that the blocking high will get shifted this week and the resulting low will encourage a few more to feed. There have been some really nice conditioned fish between 3-5lb caught, and plenty of them. I saw images of James Swinford-Howe with a lovely catch of half a dozen from the dirty wall. Essex and Suffolk are the places to go for consistency, though there are a few stragglers getting caught on the eastern and northern beaches. There’s also some showing above us in Lincolnshire and fish are making their way up the Humber, I’ve seen Paul Ashworth, an old school friend, with some lovely fish from the Humber bank.

Holt SAC couldn’t quite hit those heights during the Bumfrey Shield last Sunday, still some respectable match action though. Ian Gedney took top spot with 6lb 3oz. Shane Brown was second with 6lb 2oz and John Neave third with 3lb 2oz. Holt and Sabre Tackle run a midweek match, tonight’s is at Trimingham, I hope the weather gives some good conditions without making things treacherous. With the changing conditions promised by the jet stream, and building tides into the weekend, I’m quietly confident that sport will remain good

EDP report 14/10/15

Some superb catches this week, and proof if it was needed that night time is the right time! Lots of anglers have had some nice codling fishing the Suffolk beaches at night, fish to 5lb not uncommon. The sea is getting a stir up as I write and I would imagine that those codling will feed well once it starts to ease a little. It’s been a little different on the Norfolk beaches with bass still showing in decent numbers, again if the conditions are right they’ll have a go while they’re still here. It’s worth a chuck on any of the regions beaches at the minute if the conditions are anything like right.

Sabre Tackle fished their Wednesday evening match at Bacton last Wednesday. England youth and Maver sponsored henry Randell took the top spot with 3lb 11oz. Christian Bulch was second with 3lb 2oz with another England youth, jake Cooper, in third with 2lb 12oz. Successful youth anglers in the region bodes well for the full England squad in time, and shows the quality of angler in the area at club level to be able to mentor these guys to international standard. Holt SAC hosted the first round of the National Sea League at Bacton last Sunday. Jake followed up his earlier third place with a win carding 5lb 7oz. John Carter was second with 4lb 9oz and Mike Topping third with 3lb 15oz. A few bass in both of these results, the north quarter wind might well keep them feeding for a while longer before their annual migration.

EDP report 7/10/15