EDP report 30/09/15

EDP report 23/09/15

Its been quite a good week on the regions beaches, some nice seas and plenty of variety in catches. The bass appear to be shoaling ready for heading off to Biscay or wherever they head these days. Several excellent catches made from the shingle round to the eastern beaches with some lovely conditioned fish in the 2-5lb bracket. Before the sea lifted when the water was flat and clear there were some nice fish taken on lures too, an excellent end to the seasons bass fishing. Holt SAC found a few bass in feeding mood in their latest match at Salthouse, Paul Tovell took top spot with 9 fish for 6lb 4oz including the biggest bass at 2lb 9oz. Shane Brown had 9 fish too for 5lb 6oz and Shane Scarff was third with 2lb 13oz. Good luck to those members away fishing the Daiwa pairs in Ireland.

Yarmouth down to Lowestoft there are still a few small hounds around when conditions are right and there have been a few codling here and there for the long casters. The Suffolk beaches have produced a few rays throughout the season and the whiting and codling are starting to show here too. Thorpeness, Aldeburgh and Orford are producing more codling with some reasonable early season fish 2-4lb, but it’s the Essex beaches were they seem to be showing with real consistency. I’m sure those Thames fish will soon head up this way further and all looks promising for a decent season.

EDP report 16/09/15

EDP report 9/09/15

EDP report 2/09/15

The weed that has dominated the northern and eastern beaches will hopefully be seen off by this northerly blow, it might also help bring a few codling in for a feed. Codling have started to show in the far south with quite a few small ones around the Essex beaches and up to Orford and Aldeburgh, it's still a bit early but those small ones often get here early and hang around.

Sole are still showing on the Suffolk beaches, Rob Allan had a couple of nice fish along with lots of basslets, great to see those small bass, I hope they return next year. I think the bass fishing this year has been a bit flat. I remember Matt Lawes and one or two others having some nice bags of early run fish but there's been a lack of doubles and perhaps the weed has put paid to big chunks of the summer fishing. I know there's been a few on lures too, but again fish above 5lb are like hens teeth. The week ahead should be interesting, rather than make predictions let's see what happens after this northerly!