Three Hook Match


three flapping components

1. Components

dropper swivels

2.The singe hook length and the non-business end of the wishbone.


3. The wishbone arrangement, this will be clipped down by the lead.

clipped up

4. And the single hook clipped up.



This is an amalgam of two rigs, the wishbone and clipped up rig. It's another matchman's rig but might find use in the pleasure anglers wallet, particularly those with lots of bait to use! I first used this rig messing about on the shingle with Digger, it fished really well and I had 6 or 7 schoolies, some whiting and flats. The plaice rig I used recently at Portsmouth is a blinged up version of this and testament to its ability to snare mini species.

  1. 50lb Daiwa Tournament rig body
  2. 25lb clear amnesia hook length
  3. Size 2 Mustad 32602R's
  4. Gemini standard clip and a "clip up" clip.
  5. Aero beads (and crimps if they're your thing, I use stop knots)
  6. Dropper swivels
  7. Silicon tube

Another scratching rig, this is the rig that I'll probably be using when I fish Mark Alsop's memorial match in October, that is unless there's shed loads of codling around (yeah right). It's a very flexible rig, you could fish a larger hook clipped up, different baits on the wishbone etc etc. Using stop knots makes it easier to change snood lengths and hook sizes while maintaining the benefits of clipping the hooks.

  1. Tie the lead clip to the rig body.
  2. Tie a single hook to a length of amnesia, this snood will be clipped up. Place a 1" long piece of rig tubing on the hook length and finish with a dropper swivel. Twist the rig tubing onto the dropper swivel so it covers at least half of the barrel of the swivel, pic 2. Tie up a wishbone arrangement as in picture 3. If you need the detail of how to do it check out the wishbone rig. Bait stops above each hook.
  4. Slide a crimp (if you use them) and an aero bead onto the rig body, followed by the wishbone. Another aero bead and a crimp. Repeat for the clipped up hook.
  5. Tie the "clip up" clip with all your components on the rig body in the right order.
  6. I try to space the hooks so they won't come into contact with each other, but as close as possible without the chance of a tangle. This should ensure the scent benefits of fishing with multiple baits relatively close to each other.

A very flexible rig that will carry three baits a fair old way. I think for pleasure fishing, if you're having to scratch around with these sort of rigs you're probably fishing the wrong beach at the wrong time, saying that if you need to put a variety or a large scent trail in the water, this'll do it.