The Wishbone rig


wishbone bits

1. Components

tibe through swivel

2. Cut the tube at an angle and it'll go through the eye of the swivel easier.

the wishbone business end

3.The business end of the wishbone.

hook length

4. Finished hook length.

finished wishbone rig

5. The finished wishbone rig.



This rig is one of Geno's favourites, I think because it allows him to use twice as many worms as anybody else! A great rig for delivering two hooks and bags of scent laden bait and a firm favourite with match anglers. I've found with this rig for every time I catch a double shot I'll catch a single fish that's taken both hooks. You can use it for larger species but I think it's best suited to small to medium fish like dogfish, flats and whiting, I've sized the hooks on this rig with worm baits and match fishing in mind.

  1. 50lb Daiwa Tournament rig body
  2. 25lb black amnesia hook length
  3. Size 1 Mustad 32602R's
  4. Gemini lead clips
  5. Dropper swivels and rig tubing
  6. Breakaway impact lead.

I used a version of this rig recently on our plaice fishing trip to Portsmouth, same as any rig it can only catch the fish that are there and feeding on the day, but I'm sure if there had been any plaice there we would've caught with the blinged up version of the wishbone.

I'll be using something similar to this in the Autumn. Honourable and Jake Smith have arranged with some others, a memorial match in Mark Alsop's memory, a great idea and a cracking way to raise money for Macmillan nurses. I've had personal interactions with these nurses (not in the biblical sense) when I had cancer, they do a sterling job in often very difficult circumstances. As details, dates and venues are firmed up I'll post them up on the home page. Right then the rig.

  1. Tie the lead clip to the rig body. I use a swivel on the end of my shock leader as it passes through the eyes of the rod better when tackling down.
  2. Push some rig tubing, about an inch or so, through a dropper swivel as shown in picture 2. If you struggle to get the rig tube through, cut the tube at an angle.
  3. Tie a hook to the amnesia, the length of the wishbone is entirely up to you, but I reckon each dropper around 8" is ideal. After tying the first hook, put a bead or sequin whatever suits you, slide the rig tube and dropper swivel on followed by another bead. Tie another hook to hold the lot together like in picture 3, tie the stop knots for the bait stop beads. Once the wishbone is tied, tie some amnesia to the dropper swivel, a piece of tubing and the other dropper swivel. Push the tubing over the barrel of the swivel that's the hook length completed as picture 4.
  5. Slide an aero bead, the dropper swivel and another aero bead onto the rig body and tie the top clip or swivel if you use a clip on your leader.
  6. Tie stop knots to the rig body above and below the aero beads.
  7. Clip the impact lead onto the rig body and place the hooks onto the built in bait clip. Run the hook length together with the rig body keeping both under tension, slide the bottom stop knot into position so it holds the hook on the clip.
  8. Unclip the hook and slide the top stop knot down to trap the swivel between the beads, this will make the hook stand away from the rig body a bit.

A pretty little rig and I'll probably be using a three hook version when/if I fish Allsoapy's match, PK will note this one has the bait stops in the pictures. People have said they have trouble with the rig body being "twisty", their words not mine. If you hold the rig body clip in one hand and before you put anything else on it, cut it to length and wrap the end round each of your index fingers like a great big bit of dental floss! Now pull it tight over your knees and run it back and forth, make sure you have jeans on or you'll end up like Heather Mills McGolddigger. A couple of times and that should take the twist out of your line, if it doesn't buy some decent stuff you cheapskates!