I've got some cracking memories of the beaches at Mundesley. I say beaches because I split Mundesley into three. To me there's "Heart Attack" nearest Trimingham, then the "Town Beach" and finally furthest south the "Lifeboat" as you head towards Bacton gas site. There are subtle differences between the beaches, though all are pretty consistent. Avoid them after a few days of good SW wind though, they turn into weed city.Heartattacknth

First up then is Heart Attack, so called after the access up and down the cliff. There is limited parking at the top and it really is a hike back up, especially with a few fish. About 10 yards past the ends of the groins is a really well pronounced gulley that holds a fewMecod from time to time, though further north there are patches of rough ground in the gulley, The gulley is a good bung at high water and is best fished on the flood in my experience. Apologies for the dirty lens, here's me with a couple of nice Heart Attack codling.

Next up the Town beach is flatter and the gulley at Heart attack is inside the low water line of the town beach. I've Mundtownsthhad many a good session with PK here, catching flats and schoolies followed by an all day breakfast in Jonets cafe, sometimes there's more to fishing than catching fish. Again I reckon the flood is the best but really big casters will find fish throughout the tide. Depending on how the beach is built up, it's possible to fish well over the bank at low water from Town beach and I often think to myself that anybody with the time to sit there with a fresh fish bait might get a nice surprise.

The Lifeboat stretch is like a cross between Heart Attack and Town beaches. There isn't the pronounced gulley asLifeboat at Heart Attack though it isn't as flat as Town beach and there are holes and pools more or less straight off from the Lifeboat shed. I prefer the flood again as it makes reaching the pools easier, though a good old bung will have you in them at all tide states. Parking is limited to the car park above Town beach and it's a fair walk with all your kit to the lifeboat. Me, Nobby and Geno have had some good sessions here and me and Geno had some of the biggest dabs we've had in years from here.

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Here's an extract from Gillespie's excellent 1969 book with regard to Mundesley:

"Access is at two points from the B149, one in the vicinity of the coastguard lookout, and the other adjacent to the 'Ship' public house. The latter access is a landmark for fairly regular lug beds on the beach opposite at low water, the other main area being well to the left of the Manor Hotel. here there is a stretch of beach which seems to be regularly visited by thornbacks in season, and night anglers take them on occasions. Dabs are to be taken at all points, as are cod and, to the right and left of the coastguard access, good soles."