Signposted access off the A12 in Wrentham, the road takes you straight to the cliff edge bar the last 100 yards or so fenced off section with roadside parking tight into the hedge. Because of it's remoteness some cars have been broken into in the past, but despite this knowledge I still leave gear in the car and haven't had any problems.

This whole area twixt the two broads are made up of peat beds locally called morlog. They are exposed on low tides with sand and shingle banks and gullies and shallow water, a low tide recce is advised as a decent sea moves the banks and gullies around. Likely to produce all the normal seasonal species and some BIG bass. Not renowned for flatties other than sole and some top catches of these have been recorded.

A quarter mile North of the road end are two ravines, washed out by heavy rains, occasionally these give access to the beach and I have at times used a ladder for the last 6 or 8ft down on to the beach. The sea is constantly gnawing at the cliffs so ensure you have an escape route should the need arise. Follow the cliff top path North until it peters out, about a mile, ending up at a small broad. You're on the beach here and it's quite shallow. A bit spooky in the summer with mist rising off broad and skeleton trees just behind. 200 yards further in front of the broad is a large peat bed, just a bit further for deeper water and generally deepens the nearer you get to Benacre. Obviously be prepared for tackle loss.

On entering Covehithe village, park carefully before the church and farm, pointing right is a footpath sign, along the path of headlands, farm track, heath land and marshland a gentle slope brings you to another broad, about half as far again as the previous hike, once again in front of the broad stands a peat bed, as said check it out before wetting a line. it's very often worth the walk down here and very picturesque. A bank 100 yards out and a gulley in between, either side of the peat bed provides a good holding area for fish.

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