I didn't know whether to include this beach, it's pretty much the same as Walcott and Bacton though is Oststhoften a little quieter as it's slightly off the beaten track. Access is limited, the beach is reached by a private road. I like it because for some reason the sand builds up quicker here after a blow.

In days gone by, this stretch of coast used to produce a lot of thornback rays, again the conditions and bait have to be just right to have a chance. I have tried for them without success though one or two caught most years.

The regular baits will find the regular species, though I've had some fun with doggies in the spring with fish baits. Crab will catch smoothounds and bass in the summer and worm will catch pretty much everything that swims off here whatever the season. On balance, given the access difficulties, I think Cart Gap offers a little more for most anglers. EMAIL ME if you know different or can add to the info.

Here's an extract from Gillespie's excellent 1969 book with regard to Ostend:

"Ostend beach fishes on a par with others in the area, and a few big tope and dogs sometimes turn up in May and June. Visiting anglers would give a great deal to have the kind of sport enjoyed on one May day many years ago, by the late George Howlett of Gt Yarmouth. An experienced angler, and a great believer in peeler crab, Mr Howlett used this bait to take over 150lb of thornbacks, in daylight, and with his single rod and line. These were hauled up the cliff by a rope! Another remarkable fish to come from the area was a conger eel reputed tow eigh 150lb and found by Mr Gimmet. Fred Williams has a photograph of him with this enormous eel, nearly 60lb over the present British record!"