Sea Palling

A strange place with bags of potential. The famous reefs that have probably ruined the beaches of Waxham and Horsey further south provide fish holding structures. I mentioned in an earlier piece that I don't fully understand longshore drift, I don't think even the "scientists" do fully. All I know is that when I'm fishing my local beaches the tide runs left to right on the flood and carries on running that way even as the water is leaving the beach, this creates an uneven deposition of water born sand etc. With the reefs it seems to leave a deepish gulley to the north of them, push the tidal flow outwards and allows the beaches southwards to "silt" up pushing the bank and the tide ever further out to sea. It'll be interesting to see the effects of Yarmouth's new outer harbour on beaches like Gorleston.

Back to Sea Palling. North of the first reef where it runs into North Gap, there's a wide gulley with little or no tidal flow. Geno's not too keen and I'd rather fish Cart Gap though I've personally had codling, bass and flats, including sole, from here. The pools between the reefs are fairly deep at the reef entrances but soon shallow up. They offer a chance to fish in all but the wildest seas and you can expect to catch flats and bass in them.

seapallingAs you can see from the picture the reefs are pretty well netted. I have fished from off the first reef, this gives you the chance to fish over the bank. I've done ok but no better than I have fishing the gulley inside or along the bank from the sand by the northern reef. For an idea of the layout it's well worth checking out a satellite image of the reefs, you find a link here.

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